Friday, Jun 7, 2024 at 12:39 p.m. || Day 1 || Loving Dart


  • What was done
  • Why it was done
  • Goal for next session
  • Success?

What was done

  • Progressed from page 88 to 135 in The Flutter Complete Reference 2.0
  • Plan on getting from page 0-850ish approx in a month (30 days)
  • Setup a central hub (a quick redirector for company resources)
  • Setup and decided to cancel hosting Heroku (needed an active appified version of a very basic webpage)
  • Discovered AWS Buckets can act as cheap redirectors
  • Researching CNAME in DNS.
  • Research AWS Free Tier
  • Switching to CloudFlare DNS currently (24 hour or longer wait likely)
  • Developing a global public readable txt dns record for the H.E.A.L.T.H. Health Evaluation, Asset Logistics, Tracking Hub, and Health Protocols) app

Why it was done

  • Dart is an unfamiliar language and I need to learn it so that I can manage it properly
  • I wanna finish the book and hopefully by then the planning is also finished so I can start some real traction
  • I want things to be done via a central hub and this is a primitive version of that
  • AHH youth
  • Turns out that using a CNAME on top of that doesn't work for some reason so that option is cancelled
  • Turns out I was using the whole domain and subdomain instead of just the subdomain (which causes it to have a worse issue)
  • Still working on this AWS may be a powerful ally
  • DNS is really pissing me off. I don't even have the ability to see the TTL (Time to Live) which is super super pissing me off.
  • I tried but there isn't a page that I can easily find that says 'Hey here's all the free services and limits'
  • I really need that TTL variable. Things currently will be scaled to like 30 seconds and once things are hitting productions and more set then can be scaled up; Setup and migrating from SquareSpace to CloudFlare currently.
  • I want a secure public readable way to ensure that Mission Control is properly running and ensuring things are addressed.

Goal for next session

  • Continue with development of the H.E.A.L.T.H. script and ensure that it's required to be run daily (or on any major feature or issue completion)


  • Absolutely

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