Correspondence: 1.0 and 1.1

-- Such things were never his line of work. He dealt more with memories, prophecies, and all the convoluted forms of death. Those who liked wars, barraging each other with both trash talk and battlefields, would usually be the ones to take control of the situation.

Year: x +1
The total number of governors is three. There is another campaign somewhere with also three governors, simultaneously running its course with the new one. He got invited to this event, to compete but at the same time collaborate for the rescue of one such governor, too fragile and weak that many would rather call him a princess. A damsel, locked in a tower, every now and then coming back for some reason or the other.
Another thing about this male confidant-- the one I'm talking about, of course, is the poor victim--, is that he once offered a faraway land with messy paradoxes. One may think, that, ah yes, this poor male is trying to trap me. He's trying to lure me into his territory and then keep me there forever, just as poor damsels in distress would usually think. They don't want a prince, or another princess that is, to climb up the mossy walls and whisk them off to civilization. They want company in the isolation, and so they kidnap their saviors.

Some people are willing to be kidnapped.

I'm rambling, aren't I?
Now, in this competition amidst collaboration sort of event, the three governors all had their own territories to govern, but of course, they'll have to eventually leave the said territory to perform acts of terrorism on the enemy. This, of course, includes the other two governors. Lucky was he, for his territory was far away from the other two's.

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