A sad day for conservatives

Inauguration Day 2021

Today is a sad day for conservatives in America: the inaguration of the leftist pair of Biden and Harris. This pair loves government more than country. Washington DC is an armed camp: not for any threats to the activities necessarily, but certainly as a show of force by Biden, saying 'I'm in charge, and I have the guns'. As for me and my house, we will not be watching the festivities.

Extreme anger across North Carolina

I participated in the North Carolina County Chair call chaired by NCGOP Chair Michael Whatley on Tuesday evening. There was a strong and vocal majority on the call upset with our national (and some North Carolina) Republican RINO representatives. I previously contacted our Senators Tillis and Burr asking for their support into investigating election fraud, and received responses with zero interest in rocking the boat. I for one will be glad we can elect a Burr replacement in 2022. RINOs are treating President Trump like a criminal, and treating anyone who is upset with election fraud as deplorable.

The riot at the Capital has given the left an excuse to tighten their grip on the wheels of power across the nation. It is horrifying to see the cancel culture coming after anyone who supported our president.

In at least one North Carolina county, the FBI is asking for the names of any county Republican who attended the rally in DC.

Some good news

North Carolina overall had a good election day, electing Mark Robinson as Lieutenant Governor, 6 of 10 council of state seats, 8 for 8 for state judicial races, and winning 61% of all county commission control. The vote for President Trump was 2.78 million votes, the largest turnout ever for a Republican President in North Carolina. This is our foundation to build upon.

So what do we do?

  • Conservatives in Chatham County must keep talking and supporting each other.
  • Politics is grass roots. We must pressure our commissioners to do the right things with our tax money, our liberty, and the education of our children. We must talk with them, on the record.
  • We must pressure our state legislature, in particular the House and Senate Leadership, that business as usual cannot continue. We must have a forensic audit of our past election. We must encourage the State Board of Election to follow election laws.
  • While we should support the State Party, we must pressure State Party leadership to respond to the desires of the local parties.

How can you help?

  • Don't be the silent conservative. Participate in the local Republican party. Become involved with your Precinct. Attend the County Convention in March. Be a delegate to the State Convention in June. More information to follow.
  • Volunteer to get our message out to Chatham County. We are starting a 'Writers Guild' to put an article in the local paper each week. Interested in helping? Send an email to ccgop_chair@pm.me.
  • Consider running for office. We need strong conservatives who can articulate their message to run for three commissioner positions and three board of education positions, along with state senator and state representative. Interested in running? Send me an email to ccgop_chair@pm.me.
  • Support social media that does not block conservative voices. For me, I cancelled my twitter accounts and never check Facebook. I avoid Google. Consider using encrypted methods of communication such as Signal for texting and calls, using a VPN so your internet traffic is not recorded, and be very careful about what you post or write in emails.

The conservative movement in Chatham County, North Carolina, and the United States is strong. We'll survive this latest challenge, but it will take all of us acting together and cooperating for the common good. We have to make changes through peaceful means.

President Harry Truman

President Truman, a Democrat, wrote these words when describing the Soviet Union. How true they sound today.

Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.
― President Harry S. Truman

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