Newsletter, September 23

Chatham Schools Listening Tour

Have you heard about the new Chatham County School Superintendent's 'listening tour'? This is your opportunity to share thoughts and opinions on the school district and the education of our children. This doesn't seem to be widely publicized for whatever reason. Here is the link for the dates, locations and times next week: We need conservatives to express their opinion on education.

Chatham September Meeting

Thanks to everyone who attended the Chatham GOP open meeting on September 14. My thoughts after the meeting:

  • When discussing Critical Race Theory with anyone, we need to understand exactly what that term means, in context, and have a firm grasp on concepts and lesson plans that are used. CRT means different things to each of us, and it is mainly used by the Left to divide us. We cannot let that happen.
  • The meeting had some good open discussions; we all have different viewpoints from where we come from, our age, experiences, upbringing, skin color
  • We have to continue to support the ideas of the Constitution and our Founders. THAT has to be one of our primary driving forces.

    We will continue to have periodic open meetings. Please attend!


The redistricting fights are beginning, even before the first map has been published. The Left is trying to get Democrat-sponsored comments into the public record so that they can use them for future lawsuits (see

The Legislature is scheduled to vote on the Budget the first week in October. I'm guessing we will see the first redistricting maps shortly after that vote.

Please comment to the Legislature on redistricting at this site; it only takes a couple minutes at

Here is what I said; you can use it or your own words, but please comment.

"I urge the North Carolina Legislature to keep county boundary integrity: do not break a county into separate legislative or congressional districts. That only serves to divide neighbors and weakens the impact of a citizens voice in our government. Particularly, in Chatham County, do not split it into various districts. Your previous legislative boundaries have enhanced a partisan divide between separate parts of the county."

Open Precinct Judge Position

We have an open Republican Precinct Judge position in East Williams (for the Primary and General election day). I have to nominate a replacement very soon. If you live in East Williams and would like to be considered, please contact me at before Sunday, September 26.

Potential Candidates

Reminder - we need candidates, especially for the local positions of School Board districts 3, 4, and 5, and Commissioner districts 3, 4, and 5. If we haven't already spoken about your possible candidacy, please contact met at Time is starting to run short for making a decision.

Our Nation

My letter to the editor was in last week's Chatham News & Record: Citizen or Subject? referring to Biden's vaccine mandate on companies. You can view the letter here.


It is the people who control the Government, not the Government the people.
--Winston Churchill

Exhaurire palude!

Citizen or Subject?

Joe Biden has declared that any business with over 100 employees must require Covid vaccinations of its employees, or submit those not vaccinated to weekly Covid tests. Nothing in the US Constitution gives a President that authority over its citizens. His tyrannical order is blatantly unconstitutional and will be overturned in court.

What makes this worse is the list of those exempt from this vaccination mandate, including Congress and congressional staffers, and Federal Judges and their staff. Guess which union gave $1.2 million dollars in donations to Democrats in 2020? The US Post Office Letter Carriers union, which also seems exempt from the vaccination mandate.

Who else is exempt from this vaccination mandate? Anyone entering illegally into our country.

A few days ago Vice President Harris said “When people are able to make choices without government interference for themselves — in terms of their well-being and the well-being of their family, in consultation with whomever they may choose — we are a stronger society”. Harris and Biden obviously did not coordinate their sound bites.

A free nation has citizens, which includes our elected officials, who believe in and follow their oath to support the Constitution. Forcing adults to inject vaccines is unconstitutional and immoral; that action turns citizens into subjects.

Letter to the Editor, Chatham News & Record, September 16, 2021

September 8, 2021 Update

September Schools presentation

Please join us for the Chatham GOP meeting at 7:00 PM on September 14 at the Pittsboro Community House (65 Thompson St in Pittsboro) where we will hear from Susan Mills, the Vice Chair of the North Carolina Republican Party. Susan will speak on the state of our North Carolina public schools and how we can become involved in making them better.

For specific information about what is happening within the Chatham County Schools, visit this Facebook link:


A big thanks to everyone who was able to participate in our candidate's orientation on Tuesday. We always need folks to step up and work to return our county to conservative values. If you are a Democrat or Unaffiliated Voter and considering running as a Republican in next year's contests, you must re-register as a Republican NO LATER than September 18 in order to file as a Republican candidate in December.

We do not share our email list with anyone, so that makes it difficult for candidates to reach out to our readers. Here are websites that you can check for candidate information:

Candidate websites

For US Senate
Jen Banwart
Ted Budd
Marti Cooke (Facebook page)
Kenneth Harper
Pat McCrory (Facebook page)
Zach Potter (TBD)
Mark Walker

For US House
René Borghese
Craig Kinsey

The 2020 Census redistricting process continues. We do not know the boundaries of voting districts for US Congressional representation or for the NC House and Senate in the upcoming elections. The latest information is on the NC General Assembly website here. Public comments on the process are welcomed at that website. I encourage you to submit comments that Chatham County must not be split districts like we have now.

Reagan Day Dinner

Tickets are available for our Reagan Day Dinner on November 13 at Governors Club. Visit this flyer link for more information. Go here to purchase your ticket before they are gone. This will be a great evening!

Get involved!

Political parties are all-volunteer organizations of folks who spend a few hours to many hours each month working for a better government. Can you help? Let us know at this link. We need a Webmaster - someone willing to learn the software we use and keep our website up to date.

Our state, nation and world

What is there to say? Our governor continues to veto common-sense legislation in order to support a leftist agenda. Our president seems unable to make it through a press conference without a serious misstatement and now Afghanistan is governed by a man on the FBIs terror list. The world continues to struggle with Covid.

On Saturday we remember the terrorist attack of twenty years ago. Where were you? Most of us can remember all the details. For me, like many in Chatham County, it's personal. My immediate boss and two co-workers were instantly killed when the Pentagon was struck; I could easily have been with them that day. Please never forget all the heroes that rushed into burning buildings in New York and Washington DC to save others.

But - the US remains the greatest nation in the world, the sun rises each day, and we live in a beautiful place in a great state. Let's stay positive, keep good relations with all our neighbors, and peacefully work to return our politics to conservative values.


Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster and what has happened once in 6,000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world. --Daniel Webster

Exhaurire palude!

August 31, 2021 Update

Candidate School

Candidates must file to run for the 2022 election in 108 days. Have you been considering running for office in Chatham County? Don't know how or what to do? If you are seriously considering becoming a candidate, attend our Chatham GOP Candidate School next Tuesday, September 7. Email me for location and details if interested.

These are the offices are up for election. Do you like the direction our nation, our state, and our county are taking? If not, get involved!

  • US Senator
  • US Representative (district boundaries not yet determined)
  • NC Senate (district boundaries not yet determined)
  • NC House (district boundaries not yet determined)
  • Chatham County Sheriff
  • Chatham Board of Commissioner in Districts 3, 4, and 5
  • Chatham Board of Education in Districts 3, 4, and 5
  • Soil and Water Commissioner (2 seats)

Reagan Day Dinner

Tickets are available for our Reagan Day Dinner on November 13 at Governors Club. Visit this flyer link for more information. Go here to purchase your ticket. This will be a great evening!

Our nation and our world

I'm at a loss to talk about what is going on in Afghanistan. The United States has become an embarrassment to our allies and a laughing stock to our enemies. Our fellow citizens who are suffering from natural disasters in Louisiana, California, and western North Carolina need our prayers. Covid's latest variant seems to be taking a toll on the unvaccinated, and our politicians are using that to again restrict liberty. Taxes are rising, particularly property tax in Chatham County -- but just wait to see your tax bills if the Democrats in Congress get their way with trillion-dollar spending plans. We the People must make our voices heard, and the way to do that is to run for office, support candidates, go vote and encourage like-minded conservatives to do so also. The future of the Republic depends on us.


They tell us Sir, that we are weak -- unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs, and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot? Sir, we are not weak, if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature has placed in our power.

Patrick Henry

Exhaurire palude!

Critical Race Theory Meeting

Critical Race Theory in our Schools

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is slithering into our public schools, whether it is called that or goes by something else. 

  • CRT teaches that race is the main determinant of success in America. CRT promotes the idea that people should be categorized and judged based on their group identity instead of their individual character, behavior, and merit.
  • CRT undermines our American foundation that "all men are created equal". CRT proponents want to replace equal opportunity with equality of outcome regardless of effort.
Come learn how you can help remove CRT from our schools at our next Chatham GOP meeting: Tuesday, September 14 at the Pittsboro Community Building (65 Thompson St). North Carolina Republican Party Vice Chair Susan Mills will speak on CRT and education policy in North Carolina schools. Doors open at 6:30pm, with the program starting promptly at 7:00pm. We will have a short social hour after the presentation and meeting. Please RSVP at this link so we can plan on attendance.

Seven Months until Primary Election

Are you happy with how the County is run? Taxes OK? Are laws and regulations too much? Do you like the school district policies? If not, then DO something about it: run for office (or encourage your conservative neighbor to run for office). Several readers have expressed interest, but now is the time to act. Email” if you want more information. You must announce your candidacy by December in order to be a candidate for the March Primary Election, so commit now!

August meeting recap

A huge thanks to everyone who was able to attend our August meeting at Best Foods Cafeteria in Siler City (great fried chicken!). We had a large turnout - I counted about 100 folks. I challenged everyone to six tasks:

  1. Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know
  2. Know the candidates and their positions for the 2022 elections
  3. Become a candidate, or help find good candidates for commissioner and school board
  4. Get involved with the local party - volunteer and donate your time and money
  5. Be aware of redistricting, and contact your representatives when needed
  6. Show you are an American patriot - fly your Stars and Stripes

Important Dates to Remember

Sep 6Labor Day
Sep 14Chatham GOP meeting at Pittsboro Community Center
Oct 09NCGOP Sportsmen's Banquet
Nov 13Reagan Day Dinner. Register as a sponsor at
Dec 04NCGOP Hall of Fame Dinner
Dec 17Last day to register as a Candidate
Mar 08Primary Election Day


Here is a particularly important quote, given some of the recent actions by our federal, state and local governments:

‘Emergencies’ have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have been eroded. ― Friedrich Hayek

Exhaurire palude!

August 3 update

Citizenship and Voter Registration - did you know?

When a new voter registers to vote in North Carolina, there is no confirmation that the new voter is a citizen of the United States. All one has to do is mark a box stating they are a citizen. Lying about that is a crime, but no one checks. Just something else our North Carolina legislature needs to address.

August Chatham GOP meeting

We are holding our August 10th Chatham County GOP meeting at Bestfoods Cafeteria in Siler City, from 6pm to 8pm. Please attend if you are interested in meeting other Chatham conservatives, and please let us know if you are coming so we can plan accordingly. RSVP here.

Reagan Day Dinner (November 13)

Reagan Day Dinner sponsorships are available now. Individual tickets will be available in September. We have three levels of Sponsorship. Each level provides tickets to the event, a VIP reception prior to dinner, photo opportunities with the speakers, and recognition in the Program, plus with our sincere thanks!

To become a sponsor, visit this link.

Russ Vought, our Reagan Day dinner keynote speaker, has been busy. Here is a link to one of his current efforts against Critical Race Theory and here is a link to his organization, the Center for Renewing America.

Get involved in Chatham County

The Chatham County Environmental Review Advisory Committee is seeking a member to advise the Commissioners on environmental policy. An application is at this link. Also, the Agriculture Advisory Board is seeking a member to advise the Commissioners on agriculture and land use issues. More information is here and an application form is here.


I just discovered the writings of a conservative economist at George Mason University: Dr. Walter Williams. Check out his website to read his insights into liberty, freedom, and economics. From Dr. Williams:

Government is about coercion. Limiting government is the single most important instrument for guaranteeing liberty.

And just one more:

Most of the great problems we face are caused by politicians creating solutions to problems they created in the first place.

Exhaurire palude!

Political Vaccinations

Let's clear the air on Chatham County COVID vaccinations amongst political parties.

The Chatham County Republican Party encourages individuals to consult with their physicians and do their research and then make an informed choice about whether the experimental COVID vaccination is right for them.

When the call for volunteers went out to assist in mass COVID vaccination clinics, hundreds of Chatham residents came out, and everyone worked together regardless of being a Republican, Democrat, Unaffiliated, or not registered. No one asked how we voted.

The North Carolina COVID website indicates that 88% of non-hispanics are vaccinated in Chatham County; 12% of hispanics. Political affiliation is not one of the data fields provided, nor should it be.

One might think the Chatham County public health authorities would reach out to the local Republican party for assistance if there truly were a measurable difference in vaccination rates by political party. That has not happened. Rather, we see vague references in the local newspaper by the board of health director (Zelek) that talk about 'national polls' indicating some political difference in vaccination acceptance. Mr. Zelek, stick with Chatham County facts.

Bottom line: we live in a free country where individuals make choices. It appears much of Chatham County has already made the choice to be vaccinated. Keep political accusations out of public health.

Upcoming dates to remember

Upcoming Dates to Remember

July 30 Meet the Candidates

The 4th District of the NC Republican Party is hosting a US Senator Candidate Town Hall in Durham on July 30. All seven of the current Republican Senate candidates (Banwart, Budd, Cooke, Harper, McCrory, Potter, Walker) will be there to explain their views and answer questions. RSVP to this great event here.

July 31 Movie night

Need something to watch on Saturday night? Come join us at the Chatham GOP Headquarters (189-B Thompson Street in Pittsboro) for a showing of Casablanca starting at 7:00 PM. No need to RSVP, just show up!

August 10 Open meeting night

The Chatham GOP  is meeting at Best Foods Cafeteria in Siler City (they have the best fried chicken!) starting at 6pm. Open to all Chatham Republicans. No special agenda, just a chance to hear about some of our plans for the fall and have a meal with fellow conservatives. Watch for your calendar invitation to RSVP, as the seating is limited to 100.

September 11 FIESTA

The Chatham GOP will have a table at the Siler City FIESTA celebration on September 11 from noon to 6pm. Stop by and visit while you are enjoying the Hispanic food and entertainment celebration in Siler City.

September 14 Critical Race Theory

Are you concerned about Critical Race Theory infiltrating our schools? Then come hear Susan Mills, Vice Chair of the North Carolina Republican Party discuss CRT and how parents can get involved with their school boards to ensure our schools do not turn into lecture halls for socialist agendas. The date is September 14 starting at 7:00pm at the Pittsboro Community House, 65 Thompson Street in Pittsboro (just a short walk from our headquarters).

November 13 Reagan Day Dinner

The Reagan Day Dinner is our gala event of the year, and this year we will kick off the holiday season with an outstanding event at Governors Club. Our keynote speaker will be Russ Vought of the Center for Renewing America. Sponsor table tickets will be available in August, with general admission tickets later this fall. See you there!

Candidates Needed

We are continuing to encourage local citizens to seek election to offices that will be open in 2022, particularly the three Chatham Commissioner districts (3, 4, and 5) and the three School Board districts (3, 4, and 5). Interested in more information? Contact ccgop_chair@.... Filing deadline is December 2021!

Dangerous Times

We live in dangerous times for our constitutional government. The North Carolina governor keeps us in a COVID 'State of Emergency', as does the Chatham County Board of Commissioners. Our federal government tells us that only what the current administration says is 'truth' and asks social media platforms to block the free speech rights of anyone who says otherwise. Advice for conservatives:  be strong, be vocal, be active, but be peaceful in defending our constitutional rights.


Everybody is in favor of free speech. Hardly a day passes without its being extolled, but some people’s idea of it is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone says anything back, that is an outrage.
― Winston Churchill

Exhaurire palude!

Independence Day newsletter

Independence Day Holiday

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.—That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. 

Written 245 years ago those words seem as fresh and applicable today as they did to our founders, fighting for their freedoms from British occupation. Those men and women dedicated their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to the ideal of freedom. I wonder how many of our current generation of Americans would dedicate anything at all to the ideal of freedom.It is up to conservatives across this nation to stand up for our constitution and for our founding principles and to push back against the woke mobs.

Grand Opening of Headquarters

Our Chatham County Republican Party headquarters will be open on July 4 from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM (the same time as Summerfest in downtown Pittsboro). Please stop by and say hello and then enjoy the festivities in Pittsboro.

Elections in 2022

Primary elections are only eight months away, in March 2022. These are important, because they select who will run as Republicans (or Democrats) for the general election in November of 2022. Several individuals have already stepped forward to be our next US Senator, but that is not the only position: we need good candidates for Chatham County board of commissioners and school board. It’s up to ‘we the people’ to ensure our voices are heard. If at all interested in running or finding our more please send an email to   . ccgop_chair@…

Chatham Board of Elections

Congratulations to Charles Ramos and Frank Dunphy on their reappointment to the Chatham County Board of Elections. Charles and Frank are doing great work helping to ensure fair, open, and honest elections in Chatham County.

August Open Meeting

The Chatham Republican Party will hold an ‘open’ meeting for all Chatham County Republicans on August 10 (location TBD). No special speakers, just an opportunity for any interested Republican to attend and listen to the business of the local party as we plan for the year ahead. More to follow … .

Hold the Date!

Our annual Reagan Day Dinner will be November 13 at Governors Club. This gala evening will feature several invited political candidates, and our keynote speaker will be Russ Vought, President of the Center for Renewing America . Please put this date on your calendars. We will have ticket information available as the date gets closer. Interested in being a Sponsor? Let us know at  CCGOP_Chair@… . Looking for good Conservative information?

You should be reading Imprimis , a publication of Hillsdale College. Recent articles include “Our Increasingly Unrecognizable Civilization” and “Critical Race Theory: What It Is and How to Fight It”. Try it, you’ll like it!

A Quote from one of our Founders

The time to guard against corruption and tyranny, is before they shall have gotten hold on us. It is better to keep the wolf out of the fold, than to trust to drawing his teeth and talons after he shall have entered.— Thomas Jefferson (1781)

Exhaurire palude!

NCGOP Convention Update

NCGOP Convention

The state convention last weekend in Greenville NC had the largest attendance ever - over 1,300 delegates from across the state gathered together as like-minded conservative patriots. We heard great speeches, from NC Council of State elected officials, to Chief Justice Paul Newby, to Clarence Henderson from the Frederick Douglass Foundation. The highlight presentations were from our outstanding Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson, from South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, and from President Trump at the Saturday evening diner.  (Click the links to view the speeches.)  We also heard from the six candidates running for US Senate: Jen Banwart, Marty Cooke, Kenneth Harper, Ted Budd, Mark Walker, and Pat McCrory. You may have heard that President Trump endorsed Ted Budd; as a Republican Party we will not endorse any candidates until after the Primary elections, so may the best person win your vote in the primaries.

State Chair Michael Whatley was re-elected by acclamation.  In a close vote, Susan Mills was elected our new Vice Chair. The State GOP is in competent hands with these two leaders.

Chatham GOP Headquarters

We did it - the new Chatham Republican Party Headquarters is at 189-B Thompson Street in Pittsboro. Our Grand Opening will be July 4 from 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM (the same time as the Summerfest in downtown Pittsboro). Please plan on stopping by to visit. More details to follow.
BUT, with a new headquarters comes new needs. We need your support to help keep the doors open and the lights on. Consider donating a small recurring monthly amount at this link to help us continue to support conservative causes and candidates in Chatham County: .

Sportsmen's Banquet Fundraiser

Each year the State Republican Party holds a Sportsmen's Banquet and Gun Raffle. Details are coming for the banquet on October 9, but you can get involved with the raffle now. Here is a list of the 21 guns to be raffled. Tickets are available at our Chatham GOP headquarters or with several of the executive committee members. If you would like a raffle ticket, stop by the HQ or send and email to me at and we can work that. All proceeds go towards the Judicial Victory Fund which was so successful in electing conservative judges in 2020. In 2022 we have the opportunity for a conservative majority on the North Carolina Supreme Court, so please consider helping out this worthy cause.

Questions about the Nation

Do you think the country is better off or worse off in the last five months under the Biden administration? Are the borders more secure? Are more people employed? Is the economy in better shape? Are we more energy independent? Does the international community view us as stronger and more capable? Are prices going down or up? How about respect for institutions like law enforcement or the Church?  Are cities safer? Have we found origins of the coronavirus? Are race relations getting better? Has the national debt gone down? Are our computer networks more secure? Is speech freer? Are race relations better? Do big corporations still censor media posts? Do you feel that the country is becoming more or less cohesive?

I know my answers to those questions, and the answers make me concerned about our nation's future.

What can you do? Get involved.

Registering to vote is a given - you are expected to do that as an American citizen. You must do more: talk politics with neighbors (don't be afraid!); volunteer with political parties; speak your values at church; volunteer your time, your dollars, or both to your political party; write letters to the newspapers and to your elected representatives; take a position on the Chatham Chatlist; most of all, consider running for office. We need great people for the Chatham County Board of Education and the Chatham County Commissioners offices. Interested? Let me know at

This is the time and place to stand for our Nation.

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.
― Plato

Exhaurire palude

May 30 Newsletter

New Chatham GOP Headquarters

It’s official - we have signed the lease on our new headquarters. Please join us for our grand opening on July 4th at 187-B Thompson Street in Pittsboro. More details to come but put this date on your calendar. Downtown Pittsboro is also holding their Summerfest celebration that evening so plan on visiting us and then enjoying the Independence Day festivities.

How can you help? Glad you asked!

Of course, we need donations to support our headquarters ongoing lease and expense. Please consider donating here.If you have a storage shed in good, presentable condition and would like to donate that, we need one. Contact ccgopchair@....Do you have a working lawn mower you no longer need? Again, please contact ccgopchair@....And as always, we will need volunteers to help staff the headquarters and many other activities. You can volunteer here and our volunteer coordinator will contact you. 

Reagan Day

Our major event of the year is our Reagan Day dinner and gala, this time on November 13 at Governors Club. Our keynote speaker will be Russ Vought, former administration official and president of Citizens for Renewing America. You will find him a fascinating speaker. We have also invited the announced (so far) US Senate candidates: Ted Budd, Mark Walker, and Pat McCrory. Tickets will go on sale later this summer. 

What are YOU doing to save America?

Everyone who believes that America remains the symbol of good in an evil world needs to step up and save her from attacks both outside and inside the country. Become an election worker; hand out political literature; volunteer for your political party; contact your elected representatives and tell them your concerns; express your ideas at commissioner meetings or board of education meetings; run for office; donate time or money. Email me at ccgop_chair@... and I will put you in contact with the appropriate volunteer.

Memorial Day

On Monday we commemorate our Memorial Day holiday, to solemnly remember our parents, our brothers and sisters, our neighbors, and our comrades who gave their lives in the American military to maintain the freedoms we have enjoyed for the last 245 years. Take time this weekend to honor them - fly the flag, have a moment of silence, give a prayer of thanks for their courage. The only way to repay their sacrifice is to continue the work our founders started, that great experiment in liberty called the United States of America.

This newsletter's quote for Memorial Day

From generation to generation, heroes like these have poured out their blood and sweat and heart and tears for our country. Because of them, America is strong and safe and mighty and free. Because of them, two centuries on The Star Spangled Banner still proudly waves. For as long as our flag flies in the sky above, the names of these fallen warriors will be woven into its threads. For as long as we have citizens willing to follow their example, to carry on their burden, to continue their legacy, then America’s cause will never fail and American freedom will never ever die.

--President Donald Trump, May 2020

Stay Informed!

Political awareness and involvement does not begin and end at the voting booth. It is OUR responsibility to remain informed about the issues impacting our families, our communities, our beliefs, our liberties, and our nation. 

Exhaurire palude!

May 2021 Newsletter

2022 Elections

While the 2022 elections are 19 months away, candidates are already beginning what will be a hard-fought campaign against the rising socialist agenda. The biggest election in North Carolina looks to be that of US Senator. As of right now, there are three announced candidates for the seat of retiring Senator Burr: Mark Walker, Pat McCrory, and Ted Budd. There may be more nominees to come. We won't know for some time how the US House seats nor how the North Carolina House and Senate districts are realigned. That delay is because the 2020 Census data, which should have been released last year, is now planned to be available sometime late summer or early fall. Once the data is available the North Carolina Legislature can reapportion seats, and candidates can file for election.

Reagan Day Dinner

The annual Chatham County Reagan Day dinner will be November 13, 2021 at Governors Club. Details to follow, but please put this important evening on your calendar now!

Want to get more involved?

We must have more paid Republican poll workers for early voting in 2022. These positions are at the early voting locations and on election day itself. If you are interesting in being an employee of the Board of Elections for a few days in 2022, please let me know as soon as possible. These are critical roles to ensure the openness and fairness of our elections for all voters.
We need precinct chairs in North Williams, Bynum, East Siler City and Bennett precincts.
And, if you are interested in running for one of the following offices in 2022 please send an email to ccgop_chair@....

  • US House District 4
  • US House District 13
  • NC Senate District 23
  • NC House District 54
  • Chatham County Sheriff
  • Chatham Commissioner District #3
  • Chatham Commissioner District #4
  • Chatham Commissioner District #5
  • Board of Elections District #3
  • Board of Elections District #4
  • Board of Elections District #5   What are you doing? Some people give money to candidates. Some give time to conservative causes. Some talk to their neighbors about freedom and liberty. Some write articles and letters to the editor. All of us can do something to save the nation. What are you doing?   How much is a Trillion Dollars? The United States will go into debt over 16 trillion dollars this year. How much is that? The number is too big for the human mind to understand. Here is a comparison of dollars to seconds of time:  
  • 1 thousand seconds ago was about 17 minutes ago
  • 1 million seconds ago was not quite 12 days ago
  • 1 billion seconds ago? Around 32 years, or the year the first internet server was invented
  • 1 trillion seconds ago? 31,700 years ago, or the beginning of the last ice age
  • And finally, 16 trillion seconds ago? Too log ago to comprehend, as over 5,000 centuries of time has passed.    So, do you think we will ever pay off the 16 trillion dollars debt that the Biden administration is spending? I don't.   And, this month's quote:

Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear. ― President Harry S. Truman

April 2021 - Patriot's Day

Patriot's Day

Yesterday was April 19. You probably did not hear much about the significance of that day from our news media, but it should be one of our national holidays. On that day, April 19 1775, our history as America began with 'the shot heard 'round the world'. People like us, farmers and shopkeepers, gave their lives that day at the beginning of the American Revolution for independence from Britain. Eight pairs of fathers and sons stood shoulder to shoulder on Concord's Lexington Green that early morning; five of those pairs were shattered by death. Their sacrifice gave us the start of of the freedoms we cherish today.  

Precinct Officers

Thanks to everyone who has stepped forward to become a precinct chair, vice chair, or secretary. These are critical positions in our effort to reign in leftist political thought in Chatham County as we head towards the elections of 2022. We still need precinct officers in Bennett, Bynum, East Siler City and North Williams. If you'd like more information about these roles, email me.   

Election Workers

Conservative citizens must have a better representation as poll workers, election officials, and election judges in Chatham County. These are paid positions that ensure fair, open and honest elections, and historically Republicans have been severely under-represented. If you are interested, please fill out an application to become a poll worker for the next election. Applications and more information is at     


If you agreed to be a delegate to the 4th or 13th Districts, those conventions are this weekend. Register today if  you haven't done so already. Likewise, the State convention is rapidly approaching. Register now at to confirm attendance.  

Seeking candidates

The 2022 elections will vote on many important election positions: US Senator, US House members, North Carolina Senate and House, and Chatham County board of commissioners, school board, and Sheriff. If interested in more information about any of those positions, email me. We're looking for strong conservative candidates!  

Party Headquarters

We are still looking for the right place to be our Republican Party Headquarters. We visited one possible location but it was unsuitable. We have another one or two potentials opening up sometime in late spring or summer. Hopefully we will soon find a great location to be our focal point in Chatham County.  

Reagan Day 2021

Save the Date! We will hold our 2021 Reagan Day Dinner on November 13, 2021 at Governors Club. Plan on an evening of superb food, renewing old friendships, and listening to great conservative speakers. More details as we firm them up, but put that date on your calendar now.


In closing, I have two quotes this month.

First, regarding the Democrat push to control our second amendment liberty:

Why do Americans own so many guns? Because they don’t trust the protected elites to protect them.— Anonymous  

And second, a quote that speaks to the push by Democrats to restrict personal freedom across the land:

If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.― Samuel Adams

Exhaurire palude!

March 2021 - convention recap

A big thanks to everyone who was able to participate, either in person or on line, in the 2021 Chatham Republican Party convention last Saturday. We had a really good meeting with great speakers and it was a chance to renew friendships.

Officers and Executive Committee

Every two years we elect County officers of the Party and the County GOP executive committee. For 2021-2022 the officers are:
Chair: Terry Schmidt
1st Vice Chair: Rick Brownfield
2nd Vice Chair: Bill Crawford
Secretary: Terri Tyson
Treasurer: Gayle Daniel
In addition, the Convention approved modifications to the leadership structure in Chatham County that defines a quorum, adds job descriptions to certain executive committee positions, and give executive committee voting privileges to all Precinct chairs and some other Republican leaders.

Platform and speakers

This year the Convention approved an update to the Chatham County Republican Party Platform. That document is attached. Please read through it (it's short) and use it to talk with your friends and neighbors about conservative principles. We also heard great presentations about the voting process, and information from the Faith and Freedom Coalition and the Capital Research Center.

2022 Elections

The 2022 General Election, while not a Presidential year, will be another big event for our nation's future. These are the races up for grabs:

US Senate - Richard Burr (R) who is not seeking re-election

US House District 4 - David Price (D)

US House District 13 - Ted Budd (R)

NC Senate 23 - Valerie Foushee (D)

NC House 54 - Robert Reives II (D)

NC Supreme Court - Judson (D) seat

NC Supreme Court - Ervin (D) seat

Chatham County Commissioner District 3 - Diana Hales (D)

Chatham County Commissioner District 4 -Jim Crawford (D)

Chatham County Commissioner District 5 - Franklin Gomez Florez (D?)

Sheriff - Mike Roberson (D)

Board of Education 3 - Del Turner (D)

Board of Education 4 - Jane Allen Wilson (D)

Board of Education 5 - Gary Leonard (D)

Soil and Water - John Glosson (U)

Soil and Water - Richard Hayes (D)

In 2022 the democrats have a lot of seats to defend, so Republicans should pick up some gains. We can keep the Senate seat, increase numbers in the House of Representatives, retake a supermajority in the NC legislature, flip the NC Supreme Court to conservative, change the Chatham Board of Commissioners to Republican, and force the Board of Education to conservative positions.

Election Timeline

In a normal year, candidates would file their candidacy in December 2021 for the Primary election in 2022. The US Census Bureau is required to make the 2020 Census data available by December 31, 2020. They might get it out by September 30, 2021 - nine months late. Each 10-year census triggers redistricting. So what if the census is nine months late? Redistricting will start nine months late. After the inevitable lawsuits, who knows when the districts will be finalized. That will impact the US House seats, and maybe others. The next election cycle will be interesting, at the least.

In closing, thanks to everyone for supporting constitutional and conservative causes along with honesty and decency. The future of our county, state, and nation depend on our being brave and standing up for the core beliefs that formed our Nation.

Finally, a historical quote (very applicable to the times we are living in)

Everybody is in favor of free speech. Hardly a day passes without its being extolled, but some people’s idea of it is that they are free to say
what they like, but if anyone says anything back, that is an outrage.
― Winston Churchill

Thanks for reading.

February 2021 updates

Chatham County Republican Convention

The Chatham County Republican Convention will be held on March 20, 2021 starting at 10:00 AM. Please put this on your calendar. We plan to hold our convention virtually via Zoom so more registered Republicans can attend. Come meet with fellow conservatives and learn more about how the Republican Party is organized. As this is an odd-numbered year, we will hold elections for Chair, 1st and 2nd Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, the Executive Committee, and delegates to the 4th and 13th District Conventions as well as the North Carolina State Convention.

Special presentations will include the Capital Research Center and the Faith and Freedom Foundation.
Voting delegates to the Chatham County Republican Convention must be registered Republicans in Chatham County as of January 31, 2021.

If you are interested in more than just voting, attend the county convention.

We will send out registration instructions soon.

Convention Dates

  • Chatham County: March 20, 2021 10:00 AM virtual
  • 4th District: April 3, 2021 virtual and in-person at the NCGOP headquarters in Raleigh
  • 13th District: April 24, 2021 12:30 virtual and in-person TBD
  • State Convention: June 4 through June 6, Greenville

2022 Elections

Primary elections for 2022 are just 13 months away. Candidate registration is in December 2021.
US Senate: (Burr (R) is not running for re-election)
US House: House districts will be re-drawn in 2021 by the North Carolina legislators, with the gain of 1 North Carolina house seat. My best guess is that redistricting cannot start until the Census results are released, so maybe in June of 2021. Then after the expected lawsuits by the Left, we might have final redistricting just before the candidate registration period ends.

  • Senate 23 (Foushee (D) is incumbent)
  • House 54 (Reives (D) is incumbent)
  • Chatham Commissioner 3 (Hales (D) is incumbent)
  • Chatham Commissioner 4 (Crawford (D) is incumbent)
  • Chatham Commissioner 5 (Gomez-Flores (D?) is incumbent)
  • Sheriff (Roberson (D) is incumbent)
  • Board of Education 3 (Turner (D) is incumbent)

Are you interested in running for any of these positions? Please contact me right away at

Going Forward in Chatham County

We are going to focus on issues critically important to Chatham County -

  • Broadband. Neither our elected board of commissioners (all Democrats) nor the State Legislature (controlled by Republicans) seem to be able to make any progress other than vague promises.
  • Taxes and Debt. Did you see the recent article in the local newspaper that Chatham County has the second highest debt ratio in North Carolina? But per the County, 'that's ok, don't worry'. Thanks for all the debt, county commissioners.
  • Environment. Pittsboro water continues to be a problem. Farms are being converted to commercial spaces. We can see the uncontrolled growth in Pittsboro (Chatham Park) and along the 15-501 corridor. All the politicians do is seem to blame other politicians for problems.
  • Business Climate. Have you seen the commercial construction in the Chatham County commercial development areas west of Siler City and by Moncure? Neither have I, since nothing has happened.

At the same time, we must hold our state and national officials responsible for their actions, or inactions. It is OUR responsibility to make our views known. Email addresses for elected officials are usually easy to find online. You may just receive replies by form letters (like from Senators Tillis (R) and Burr (R)) or no answer at all (like I get from Foushee (D) and Reives (D)) but it is always worth your while to express an opinion.

We need your thoughts

The Chatham County Republican Party needs your thoughts and inputs for moving forward. Some of you have responded, but many have not. Please take five minutes and answer a few questions at


Be of good cheer. Results from the 2020 election were not always what we wanted, but the Republican Party made significant gains in many areas. Almost 50% of Chatham County voted Republican. We have a new conservative Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, Chief Justice Newby. We have a new Lieutenant Governor who is brave and unafraid to speak his mind in Mark Robinson. We continue to hold the North Carolina Senate and House of Representatives. Republicans made significant gains in the US House of Representatives, and most State Houses are now in Republican hands. It is up to us, though, to make sure Leftist ideology does not take root and continue to expand against our Nation's founding principles.

Risk and Freedom

But when no risk is taken there is no freedom. It is thus that, in an industrial society, the plethora of laws made for our personal safety convert the land into a nursery, and policemen are hired to protect us becoming self-serving busybodies.
-- Alan Watts

Exhaurire palude

The purge begins

Another sad day.

The Democrat-controlled US House of Representatives has voted to impeach former President Trump. Articles of impeachment are at the US Senate accusing him of 'wilfully inciting violence agains the government of the United States'.

The Democrat-controlled US Senate is scheduled to begin the trial the week of February 8, 2021. Apparently the trial will not be presided over by the Chief Justice of the United States, as called for by the Constitution. Instead, Senator Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont (president pro tempore) will run the 'trial'.

Many think this is an attempt by national Democrats to try and ensure that President Trump, along with the 78 million Americans who voted for him, are shut out of any national political debate.

If you agree, make your voices heard. Express your opinion to our North Carolina Senators. Their addresses are below.

Here is what I am going to say. Please use your own words in your own emails.

Dear Senator (Burr or Tillis) -
I am a registered voter in North Carolina. You are my representative.
Please resist any impeachment or other censure of former President Trump. Any such action will be seen by the nation as a vendetta against the conservative half of the United States. Nothing good will come out of this, and will only further divide our nation.



An appropriate historical moment

I want to make one thing clear. This war against our Constitution is not being fought way off in Madagascar or in Mandalay. It is being fought here — in our schools, our colleges, our churches, our women's clubs. It is being fought with our money, channeled through the State Department. It is being fought twenty-four hours a day — while we remain asleep."
— William Jenner (1908-1985)

Exhaurire palude