Political Updates

Election Updates

Recapping what I know or think about the 2022 election status:

  1. Candidate filing is on hold because of a lawsuit brought against the redistricting maps by our Governor and Attorney General to the NC Supreme Court. The Court wants written briefs by Jan 5, oral briefs by Jan 11. I'm guessing these are the potential outcomes:
    1. The Court throws out the lawsuit, and filing resumes by late January, or
    2. The Court throws out the redistricting maps and
      1. Asks the Legislature to redraw, or
      2. Requires an independent commission to redraw (against the NC Constitution) or
      3. Redraws the maps themselves (again, against the NC Constitution).
  2. Primary elections are currently scheduled for May 17. The general election remains in November. What a mess.

Calendar Updates

  • January 6: first meeting of the Chatham GOP Men's Club - everyone invited - Siler City Best Foods Cafeteria, 7pm.
  • March 26: Chatham GOP County Convention
  • April 30: GOP 7th District Convention
  • May 19 - 22: NCGOP State Convention


Have a safe holiday season. 2022 is going to be a busy year. Right now there appears to be a conservative wave building for the November elections, but we could see a lot of political shenanigans between now and then. Cornered politicians and political animals could behave just like cornered wild animals, and we need to remain concerned about keeping the nation our founders intended for us. Enjoy the next couple of weeks and then let's hit the ground running in January to elect conservatives to Government.



On December 25, 1776 George Washington and the American Army crossed the Delaware River and marched nine miles in deep snow. In a surprise attack they defeated 1,400 Hessian mercenaries for one of the early victories in the American Revolutionary War.

From generation to generation, heroes like these have poured out their blood and sweat and heart and tears for our country. Because of them, America is strong and safe and mighty and free. Because of them, two centuries on The Star Spangled Banner still proudly waves. For as long as our flag flies in the sky above, the names of these fallen warriors will be woven into its threads. For as long as we have citizens willing to follow their example, to carry on their burden, to continue their legacy, then America’s cause will never fail and American freedom will never ever die.

-- President Donald Trump

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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