Political Vaccinations

Let's clear the air on Chatham County COVID vaccinations amongst political parties.

The Chatham County Republican Party encourages individuals to consult with their physicians and do their research and then make an informed choice about whether the experimental COVID vaccination is right for them.

When the call for volunteers went out to assist in mass COVID vaccination clinics, hundreds of Chatham residents came out, and everyone worked together regardless of being a Republican, Democrat, Unaffiliated, or not registered. No one asked how we voted.

The North Carolina COVID website indicates that 88% of non-hispanics are vaccinated in Chatham County; 12% of hispanics. Political affiliation is not one of the data fields provided, nor should it be.

One might think the Chatham County public health authorities would reach out to the local Republican party for assistance if there truly were a measurable difference in vaccination rates by political party. That has not happened. Rather, we see vague references in the local newspaper by the board of health director (Zelek) that talk about 'national polls' indicating some political difference in vaccination acceptance. Mr. Zelek, stick with Chatham County facts.

Bottom line: we live in a free country where individuals make choices. It appears much of Chatham County has already made the choice to be vaccinated. Keep political accusations out of public health.

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