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Reagan Day Dinner Recap

A big thanks to everyone that was able to participate in this year's Reagan Day dinner. Great (and short!) speeches from candidates and a thought-provoking keynote address. And the meal from Governors Club was equisite as always. See you at our next event!

Chairman Whatley's visit

North Carolina Republican Party chairman Michael Whatley answered questions on Saturday morning in Pittsboro. Some highlights:

  • North Carolina will be 'in the eye of the hurricane' for the Senate race in 2022. Expect outlandish spending by out-of-state Democrats to try and win the seat of outgoing Senator Burr.
  • Ballot protection and integrity: every vote counted during the 2022 election was observed by a Republican. Our NC voting machines are not connected to the internet, have paper ballots for auditing, and are made in the USA. (Note: my concern is the voter registration process itself, and the fact that Chatham County appears to restrict Republicans from being early voting poll workers.) You can read the Republican National Committee's report here. We will have a 'ballot integrity workshop' sometime in the spring here in Chatham County.
  • Voter ID Law history: passed as a law; Democrats sued and stopped it. Passed as a constitutional amendment; Democrats sued and stopped it. The issue is now before the NC Supreme Court and the Democrats are trying to remove any Republican judges who might support it. With a 75% approval of voter ID in North Carolina, what are the Democrats hiding by opposing it?
  • Redistricting was an open and transparent process. The maps were drawn online and anyone could watch, and anyone could provide inputs plus there were public hearings across the state. Previous maps were opposed by the Democrats because they included race; these maps are opposed by the Democrats because they don't include race. More lawsuits on the way.
  • What should Republicans be for? Fiscal Sanity. Reducing needless government oversight and regulations. Our constitutional freedoms. Supporting parents and families. A strong, free economy.

Primary Elections

The filing period for primary elections is in two weeks. If you have been thinking about running for office in 2022, NOW is the time to decide. Let me know at ccgop_chair@pm.me. Let's not give the opposition a free ride.

Build Back Brandon bill

Our leftist-led House of Representatives passed their version of Biden's Build Back Better bill. This monstrosity (2,466 pages) will cause long-term irreversible damages to our country. Just among a few of the absurdities:

  • Commissions a climate police: Democrats stuffed $8 billion into the bill to commission a cabal of federally funded climate police called the Civilian Climate Corps (CCC) who will conduct progressive activism on taxpayers’ dime (pages 8, 21, and https://docs.house.gov/billsthisweek/20210927/BILLS-117hr5376rh.pdf#page=926).
  • Pushes Green New Deal in our public schools: Requires funding for school construction be used largely on enrollment diversity and Green New Deal agenda items (page https://docs.house.gov/meetings/BU/BU00/20210925/114090/BILLS-117pih-BuildBackBetterAct.pdf#page=55).
  • Increases taxes on Americans at every income level: $2 trillion in tax hikes will fall on those making under $400,000 per year, contrary to what the White House says. Individuals at all income levels will be affected (Ways and Means GOP).
  • Violates Americans’ financial privacy: $80 billion slush fund to hire an 87,000-IRS-agent army to carry out the Biden administration’s plan to review every account above a $600 balance or with more than $600 of transactions in a year. (page 2283).


Regardless of politics, disease, rumors of wars, we still live in the greatest country the world has ever seen. We have liberties that in most nations are unimaginable. We must remember that whenever the political climate seems like it is dragging us down. Remain thankful and hopeful.

In times of impending calamity and distress; when the liberties of America are imminently endangered by the secret machinations and open assaults of an insidious and vindictive administration, it becomes the indispensable duty of these hitherto free and happy colonies, with true penitence of heart, and the most reverent devotion, publickly to acknowledge the over ruling providence of God; to confess and deplore our offences against him; and to supplicate his interposition for averting the threatened danger, and prospering our strenuous efforts in the cause of freedom, virtue, and posterity...Earnestly beseeching him to bless our civil rulers, and the representatives of the people, in their several assemblies and conventions; to preserve and strengthen their union, to inspire them with an ardent, disinterested love of their country; to give wisdom and stability to their counsels; and direct them to the most efficacious measures for establishing the rights of America on the most honourable and permanent basis.
-- John Hancock, 1776.

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