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Greetings to all the members of the board.
I am applying to present a talk about the importance of art for the upcoming youth conference, Titled "The role of art in developing empathy for people and groups who live lives that are different to your own". The subject that I would cover in this is how art can help develop empathy for people in different situations. I would focus mainly on real-world examples, such as how bands like Nirvana donated all of their proceeds from concerts to charities and to help causes, like when Nirvana held a benefit show to help the Bosnian rape victims in 1993. The role of art in this case is how the band uses their music to generate revenue to donate to a group of people who were different from them. Nirvana ended up generating $50,000 in revenue and donating it to the cause. This type of event represented through art is definitely a way of showing empathy towards people in different circumstances. If I were to speak in the youth conference, I would bring up this particular example because I find it impressive how a group known for making "grunge" music can generate so much for an amazing cause that really helped people. In fact, the lead guitarist and frontman for Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, was a feminist, and stood up for women's rights. Cobain even told homophobes and anti-feminists to "stay away from his concerts", and to "not buy any Nirvana records". This was also big because Nirvana's music was popular among punks, and a younger audience, and since the band had a cult-like following, Cobain's behavior rubbed off on Nirvana listeners. Again, a good example of empathy through an art form like music.

Please take my application into consideration for the upcoming youth conference. Thank you for your time.

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