Formative Descriptive Writing Task

The steps in the image rises up into the clouds. The ancient steps are firm on my feet with colours developed over hundreds of years. The mismatch pattern of the stairs are guarded with dark green gates. They avoid any people from touching the old artefacts like they were worth millions of euros. The structure at the top seemed like it could fall with just a blow and the wall behind it was 5 times my height which could also fall either on me or out into the far below. With the high walls, not much wind could pass through apart from when standing next to cracks which a whole tsunami of wind blew through. The rocks were very solid and I wondered how on earth this civilisation managed to lift these use boulders up. I touched the huge rocks, they were very rough and the dirt came off as I moved my fingers on it. I decided to pear out of the crack in the wall, and I could finally see how far up we were. Looking back at the steps below made it feel like we hadn't made much progress but while looking outside the walls, we must have be a few hundred feet up. I turned around and was very surprised to see some undergrowth growing on the edge of the steps. The dark green plans were spiky and some grew twice as high as my head. I climbed a few more steps to eventually see the very top.....

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