"Rich Bitch"

I slept at my boyfriend's Friday night and at my best friend's Saturday night. I hadn't seen my best friend, Laurie, since Christmas. Mostly because she had been kicked out of her house and had a lot of other drama too. She also likes to work as many 12 hour shifts as possible. It's hard to get a hold of her sometimes.
Laurie and I have changed a lot. We sat across from each other at McDonald's and we didn't have much to say. She was texting people the entire time. Things aren't how they used to be, seems like now we have to be drunk and with a group of people to have the same fun as before. She just has so much drama in her life and it makes it hard to relate to her. I can name a million things she could be doing to improve her situation, (eg. be respectful to your parents, stop hanging out with drug addicts, break up with your low life boyfriend, stop skipping school) but I don't want to be that fucking annoying person.
We ended up picking up her coworkers, Georgia and Nelson, and hanging out with them. I don't like Georgia at all, she's a very selfish and toxic person in my opinion. But Laurie still tolerates her. Laurie starting telling Georgia and Nelson that I was "rich." She had been doing that lately in a lot fo situations and it's really fucking annoying. Before I can even say "hello" to any new person Laurie introduces me to she is blabbing on about me being some trust fund baby.
I am NOT rich, my family is pretty middle class. My parents make 6 figures, but we live COMFORTABLY not LUXURIOUSLY. Laurie makes it sound like I am the daughter of millionaires. Georgia believes her, and whenever she sees me she has to say something like "Not like Eulalie would understand, it's a broke bitch thing" then everyone laughs.
To put things in perspective, they believe I'm rich and it's hard to dispute because pretty much everyone I know is very poor. All of my friends and acquaintances come from families who struggle to make ends meet on the daily. Nobody else has a car, education fund, a detached house that their family OWNS, or even the same technology that I do. They all work retail jobs and have to help their parents pay rent. I am the wealthiest person they know personally. So it's hard to say "well, actually I'm not rich I'm middle class" because that makes them sound v e r y poor. It's like I can't defend myself because I do have nicer things than them. For example, we went for a drive and I drove past my house. Conversation went like this:
Laurie: "Isn't this a nice neighbourhood?"
Georgia: "Yeh"
Laurie: "Eulalie lives here haha"
Goargia: "You fucking rich ass bitch"
Me: "Nooo I'll drive past my house it's not that nice haha"
We roll on past it.
Georgia: "HAVE YOU SEEN THE SHIT I LIVE IN that's a fucking palace stop lying"
And I can't exactly say "no, that's a normal 2 story single family home" in that situation, you know? Because then everyone would roll their eyes at me. So now everyone who knows me through Laurie has this idea that my family is made of money, like BMW, mansion, Gucci kind of money. Their favourite thing to call me is "rich bitch." I hate it, to be honest. Not that coming from a wealthy family is anything to be ashamed about, but it's just untrue and the way Laurie explains it makes me seem like a charity asshole.

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