C2 Fission, induced fission, fusion and nuclear fusion

Def: -Process by which larger nucleus splits apart to produce smaller nuclei which have greater binding energy per nucleon}

Induced Fission
-Induced fission reactions has a nucleus requiring some energy which can be supplied by hitting the nucleus with a neutron.
-Neutrons are used because they are chargeless so are not repelled by the positive charge of the nucleus.

Def: -Process by which smaller nuclei combine/fuse together to produce a larger nucleus which has greater binding energy per nucleon.}

Nuclear Fusion
-Requires very high temperatures since kinetic energy is required to overcome the electrostatic repulsive force between the two nuclei.
-Requires very high densities of water so that there will be enough colliding protons that maintain the fusion reaction

{Background Radiation
-Low levels of radiation from environmental sources which is always present around as is described as background radiation

Causes of background radiation
1)Radon Gas(from rocks & soil that have small amounts of uranium)
2)Ground & Buildings(Radium, Uranium, Potassium, thorium) compounds are found in building material such as soil, sandstone concrete etc X ray scans, 3)Medical(PET scans, radiotherapy)
4)Food & Drinks(Radioactive potassium & carbon-14) 5)Cosmic rays 6)Nuclear power & weapons

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