C3 Types of Radiation - Alpha decay, Beta decay, Gamma Decay and comparison table

Types of Radiation
Types of Decay
{Nuclear Decay(Radioactive Decays)
Def: -Nuclear decay is a process in which the structure of a nucleus is changed}
-Nuclear decay is catagorized by the type of emitted radiation

Alpha Decay
-Generally occurs in heavy-elements
-Eg 238[92]U --> 234[90]Th+4[2]alpha symbol -Can be stopped by paper/few cm of air
-Low penetration & high ionization -Less dangerous & high ionizing outside of human body
-Extremely dangerous inside the body -Used in smoke detectors

Beta Decay
-Can be stopped by few mm of alumimium -medium penetration & medium ionization
-moderately dangerous outside of body -moderately dangerouns inside of body -Used in paper thickness gauge

Gamma Decay
-By product of alpha or beta decay -Eg: https://pb.blackvoid.club/?1d2cbfedd9f3758c#C5FKLoEDgBKVHW1CGPyVmCFv49EtSp1x2asSBmn8DySt
-Can be reduced by lead and concrete -high penetration and low ionization
-Long term exposure can cause cancer -Used as a medical tracer in radiotherapy
Comparison: https://pb.blackvoid.club/?76679a5fc33a6495#9KXQvKEW1vwSuCa92oarkH5fVPjubyNLay4ji4nhs3yw

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