under my skin

Who are you?
What am I?
Where are we?
What would the final destination be?
Why did we meet?
Do we fit? Is it that you fit to me and that’s all there is?
What is love? What is the warm feeling I get when I lay my head on your shoulder? Where does this calmness from feeling your skin go to? How do all these things propagate through me? Follow the details, that’s where you will find my unshielded self.
What are you?
Who am I?
Why do you feel like home? Why can I cope with you? Why do I want to drown myself in you? Why do you let me?
Where am I going? Will I feel you all the way?
Do you love me?
Do I love you?
How did you infect me with yourself? Why did I let you? How? When? Was it that one moment? Or was it that other one?
Where am I? Why do I want you close?
Could I just shortly show you how I love? no.
Am I lucky that I can love purely and unconditionally? Is it an illness?
Can I please let it out of me for a bit?
Can I just sit next to you and feel you? Why do you feel so nice even without any touch?
Where are you?
Why am I?
Fuzzy brain. White skin. Freckles, moles, sunspots. Fluid soul.
Eyes with the color of the sea. Handy hands. Worried mind. A big soul.
Where am I? Why you?
Unclear self. Symbiosis. Infinity.
Where to now?

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