midday thoughts

Get out of my mind, please. What have you been doing there again? How long are you visiting this time?
I need you to leave. Now. Right in this moment, Love. Please, leave.
I want you far.
Where am I?
Why am I riding this thunderstorm again?
Do you miss me?
I want you.
I want you close.
I need you far though.
I am vulnerable.
How did I end up here? Why did I let you in?
What is the lesson I need to learn from you?
Why did I have to fall in love with you? Did I make everything complicated?
Why you? Who are you?
Why are you not next to me? Oh, I know. I know, it won't ever be me. It shouldn't be you either.
I've always been a rainstorm. Little paradox. A fluid.
Is love blind?
Am I an idiot?
Who am I?
Why can I feel you?
I miss you.

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