Five: Finding beta readers

Planted: Wednesday 5/15/2019
Last Tended: Wednesday 5/15/2019

I’m almost done with the section of the book that I would like to send off to agents. When the graphic designer is done with the layout and illustrations, I will send the section to my beta readers for feedback.

I want my beta readers to be a mix of people who have engaged with the Intellectual will before and people who have never engaged with it. I’m hoping to get six people’s feedback. I think that’s a decent number of people to get insight from. I want my beta readers to tell me if my point is getting across and if they enjoy the book.

I reached out to six people to find out if they would like to be beta readers. I told them I would have them go through the book for two weeks and then speak to them individual for 30 minutes and then again for 60 minutes as part of a focus group.

I’ve done informal focus groups before for the intellectual will and I was able to get great insight. I hope that with the book I will get good insight as well.

I still can’t believe I am moving forward with writing a book. I went so long dreaming of writing a book and now I am actually doing it. I keep looking at the draft that I sent the graphic designer. It’s nothing special and doesn’t have all the nice illustrations yet. It’s Just 14 pages, but I feel accomplished and proud.

Goals for tomorrow

  1. Creative write for 30 minutes
  2. Search for agents for 20 minutes
  3. Write Listed update for 10 minutes


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