S+ (CURRENT KINGS) TIER: Vigilante Coffee, Starbucks Reserve 

S TIER: Rise Up, Cafe June, 

S- TIER: Fuji Bakery, Decadent: A Coffee and Dessert Bar

A+ TIER: Mixed Coffee Mill Creek - 85%, Bequest Coffee Co, Mixed Coffee Mill Creek - 70%, Mixed Coffee Mill Creek - 100%, Le Bon Bakery 

A TIER: Old Soul Co, Bequest Coffee Co. (White Mocha), Market Street Boba & Beans, Angelina Bakery, French Twist Cafe (Sykesville), 

A- TIER: Candor Coffee ,Breeze Bakery Cafe (White Mocha), 

B+ TIER: He Brews Coffee, Breeze Bakery Cafe (Cafe Mocha), Corner Bakery Cafe (Truffle Mocha),

B TIER: Cozy Cafe, Merriweather Cafe and Deli, Visible Coffee Company

B- TIER: Classic Bakery (VA), Maxim Instant Mocha Coffee, Town & Country Grocery, Gourmet Latte

C+ TIER: Bon Appetit Bakery & Cafe, Buzzed Bear Coffee Co.

C TIER: L'Artisan Pastry, Einstein Bros Bagels Mocha, FROST

C- TIER: Cafe Ez, 

D+ TIER: Roggenart Bakery

D TIER: Manoa Bakery Cafe

D- TIER: Costa Coffee, Starbucks (done right)

F TIER: Mad City Coffee, Hershey Farm

NO SAVING THIS: Starbucks (watery)

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