Starbucks Reserve

Yes, yes, yes I know it's Starbucks.

But this is UPSCALE Starbucks, and wow.

I'm STILL thinking about placement as I write this and it's insane how delicious this Dark Chocolate Mocha is. Like crazy. I paid $8 but still.

I haven't thought this hard for a tier placement in a very long time. Like, my first thought was:

"Wow, this is fucking good."

This really only means a couple things:

- instantly an S tier bracket

- minimum S Tier.

My question is if it is the new king. Over Vigilante?

It's now been 10 minutes.

No. Not beating Vigilante.

It's amazing but Vigilante has the coffee taste edge. Reserve has the overall mixture nailed down, but it's missing JUST a tad of coffee flavor. Chocolate taste is FUCKING amazing though, like wow, they must use high quality chocolate and it shows in taste and price.

S tier is a disservice. It is S+, basically right behind Vigilante.

Tier: S+

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