Cabin Fever over winter break

The kids didn't have any daycare lined up on the first week of winter break, so I took four days to work from home. I warned them that I actually have to do work, and since it's below zero all week and I don't have much money because of the holidays- we would be sitting around inside most of the time. They didn't seem to care. Any chance they can get to just lay around and be on their phones, they take it. I invited my niece over one day to break up the monotony, and we made a trip to Ikea on another. But that wasn't enough. By the third night we were all driving each other crazy. Margo had a sleep over so it was just Audrey and I sitting in the livingroom. She was on her phone and I was watching T.V..

Then, out of nowhere, Audrey looks up from her phone and just stares at me. I figured she was going to ask me something, so I looked back. We spent about 5 seconds staring at each other. Dead in the eye. Not saying a word. Then, she looked back down at her phone and I turned back to the T.V..

I thought, "My God, she's going to kill me in my sleep."

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