Paper one practice - Voice lessons (Ongoing)

PG: 59 Imagery

  1. From this passage it is evident that Felix and his family are experiencing poverty, although in the midst of this Felix still stayed optimistic and tried to bring happiness to his family. In this context the white flower can signify hope, and positivity. The fact that Felix plucked the flower and gave it to his sister, can imply that he is sending out positivity to his sister...

Imagery Paper 1 Practice:

  1. What feelings are produced by the image of the grass inlines 1-3?
    The way the grass is described in lines 1 to 3 creates a very gruesome and repulsive image. the use of the word "blood" has negative connotations and creates a very ghastly image. Usually, blood is depicts murder and blood shed, and it not commonly used to describe grass.

  2. Does the imagery of the horse (lines 4-6) inspire sympathy? Explain your answer with direct reference to specific images?
    In line 4, the horse being described as "stiff blind horse" creates a sense of sympathy within the readers...

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