Pattern 1 exercise

Living in a close-knit community; and living close to parents, I have always felt safe and secure. The thought of leaving next year produces mixed emotions, which I cannot process. I feel frightened and anxious; I feel exhilarated and liberated. Coming to school every day at 8:25 and leaving school at 3:30 has become a daily routine; I always look forward to it. The thought of leaving Belgium; my family; this life frightens me to the core. Although I am very excited to have the opportunity to build my own life, set my own path, and create a successful career.

God of carnage

What I found interesting:

  1. I found Annette a very interesting character. In the beginning of the play she came off extremely polite and 'poise', although while the play was progressing and the situation got more heated she showed her true character. Towards the end when they all got my accustomed to each-other she became more blunt and crude. This insinuates that society sets such high standards for individuals to keep up with in terms of character and how you come off in the public, which forces people to put up a facade and keep up with appearances.

For example in the beginning of the play Anette said-

pg. 5

Annette: Of course. I hope...I do hope it all works out.

In the end Annette said:

pg. 63

Annette: Let's get out of here, Alain these people are monsters!

What caught my attention this year?

What caught your attention this year? What are you interested in at the moment? This can be a story, an event, a hobby, skill, relationship...anything. Focus on one thing only and try to write as clearly and concisely as possible.

This year I did an internship at an established construction and infrastructure company called Relcon for two weeks. I was particularly interested in an internship at this company because it had encountered legal problems seven years ago as it utilised some illegal material on the roads they were building. Predictably, this company went into a loss for the next two years as they didn’t receive any projects. However, they worked very hard to strengthen their brand image and identity. They once again received many big projects such as constructing a highway in India, a large diamond office community, etc. Therefore, I wanted to further discover what methods this company utilised to navigate through these issues and retrieve its brand image after such a downfall.

This firm had a very unique approach in marketing their company and protruding it in a positive light. In the midst of all its competitors this company stood out as they voiced their sensitivity to sustainability and prioritised visibility and they broadcast this on hundreds of billboards, through social media and by hosting monthly gatherings to show the public that they are solely based on the hopes, feelings and needs of the people. I was highly fascinated by this as I was unaware that marketing played such a vital role in construction companies as I initially thought that construction companies attract customers internally. After observing and learning from the central marketing team, I realised that carrying out such measures in the marketing department can lead to client satisfaction, enhance brand identity and image, and allow the company to break into new markets, which are crucial elements.

I am highly passionate about marketing, and I aspire to study it in the future. Hence, I hope to work closely with the marketing team and grasp the realities of this career line. Unfortunately, my daily responsibilities did not include work intricately with the marketing team and aid in making the final decisions, but I was able to observe them. My responsibilities included developing ideas with the rest of the team for the presentation of the billboard display, which in whole, was an outstanding learning experience.

I immensely enjoyed this experience, as this was my first time working so closely with such an established company. This internship was a unique experience, and being the only student there, having a say and expressing my opinion for the most trivial things was a very positive experience and a proud moment for me. I was exceptionally proud of myself as initially, I was extremely nervous and quiet, but I gradually got accustomed to this unfamiliar and new learning environment and opened up. Carrying out this internship enabled me to confirm which career line I wanted to pursue in the future, which is business and marketing.

Paper one practice - Voice lessons (Ongoing)

PG: 59 Imagery

  1. From this passage it is evident that Felix and his family are experiencing poverty, although in the midst of this Felix still stayed optimistic and tried to bring happiness to his family. In this context the white flower can signify hope, and positivity. The fact that Felix plucked the flower and gave it to his sister, can imply that he is sending out positivity to his sister...

Imagery Paper 1 Practice:

  1. What feelings are produced by the image of the grass inlines 1-3?
    The way the grass is described in lines 1 to 3 creates a very gruesome and repulsive image. the use of the word "blood" has negative connotations and creates a very ghastly image. Usually, blood is depicts murder and blood shed, and it not commonly used to describe grass.

  2. Does the imagery of the horse (lines 4-6) inspire sympathy? Explain your answer with direct reference to specific images?
    In line 4, the horse being described as "stiff blind horse" creates a sense of sympathy within the readers...

Something interesting I read (extra)

In recents events with Covid-19, I read a very fascinating and intriguing article that captured my attention. The article was about how there was a boom in demand for shirts due to the drastic increase in the usage of zoom and other communication technology companies. I found this article very captivating as it sheds light on how covid-19 impacted so many industries even if they seemed trivial and unrelated to the pandemic. There was a boom in demand of shirts due to the fact that when everything was online, there was excess usage of zoom in which only the top half of an individual was shown through the camera. This led to a drastic increase in the demand of shirts.

Response to Peter Boghossianote