How to set up your English journal using Listed

Listed is a blog publishing plugin for a free open source note-taking app called Standard Notes. I am currently writing this in Standard Notes. To find out more about what open source software is, please watch this short Youtube video: (What is open source software?)

Anything you write in Standard Notes is encrypted, unless of course you publish it to your blog; this means that even the Standard Notes developers themselves cannot access your notes, only you can. Losing your password and/or your author code might result in being locked out of your writings, so store those somewhere safe! I recommend using a password app like LastPass.

Follow these steps to set up and publish your own blog using Listed:

--------------------SETTING UP------------------------

  1. Either download Standard Notes or go the browser version and create a new free account: Record your account username and password somewhere for safekeeping.

  2. Go to and generate a new author code by clicking on the 'Start Writing' button. Copy and paste this code. Store the code with your username and password.

  3. Open your Standard Notes app or browser account and click on Extensions (bottom left).

  4. Click on Import Extension and paste in your author code; press the return button on your keyboard and select 'Install'. Refresh Standard Notes (bottom right).

---------------PUBLISHING YOUR FIRST POST--------------

  1. Start a new note in Standard Notes by pressing the + symbol at the top. Write whatever comes to mind. You can use hashtag to create note categories.

  2. In your note, selection Actions - Listed - Settings.

    a. Choose a username/display name and scroll down to save. (If the save button doesn't work, someone already has that name and you'll need to change it to something else). If you don't have a unique username, then I cannot subscribe to your blog using the rss feed.
    b. Tick "Hide profile from homepage 'Recent Authors'" and save.

  3. In your note, select Actions - Listed - Publish to Blog. Once you've done that, you can go to Open Blog in the same list to see your published blog post

  4. Copy your blog's URL from your browser and send that to me, and to your classmates.

From this point on, you can just publish notes by clicking Actions - Listed - Publish to blog. You can always adjust your blog settings later, and you can edit posts by selecting Update Published Post.

You'll have noticed that the free version of Standard Notes has simple writing tools. URLs can't be hyperlinked (at least I don't know how yet) and images can't be inserted; however, I like this about the Listed blogs, because the focus is on your writing.

--------------OPTIONAL: COLLECT RSS FEED---------------

  1. In your blog, or in a classmate's blog, select Subscribe in the upper right-hand corner.

  2. Select 'RSS feed' (in blue) and copy that URL.

  3. Paste that URL into an rss reader on your phone, or a web reader like


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