Feedback criteria draft TOK Exhibition

Required elements, formatting, cohesion

  • prompt with number at top
  • three images, clear/large
  • objects are 'real-world' objects
  • links to prompt are logical
  • good balance

Quality of TOK analysis

  • link to core or optional theme (optional)
  • use of TOK concepts/terminology/jargon
  • good justification for inclusion of each object
  • discussion is about knowledge, not just a description of a the object or a debate
  • interesting

Clarity & student voice

  • clear, unpretentious, concise expression
  • personal engagement through style
  • balance/word length

Citation and use of evidence

  • correct captioning of images and related Works Cited entries
  • no unfounded claims - all claims evidenced using in-text citations and related Works Cited
  • all entries in Works Cited are used at least once in the response
  • plagiarism issues
  • correct MLA citation
  • no sweeping generalisations (about women, about the past, etc.)

Indication pass/fail:

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