Peter Singer Essay Response

Choosing Death

Peter Singer presents his viewpoints through a story that tells the story of a person who is choosing death. Creating a story based on the thoughts that a person has when in this position shows us that Peter Singer is in favour of euthanasia. Peter Singer believes that ending one's own life based on one's own decision is a good idea because it relieves the patient's suffering.

An example he gave was by showing the reader how badly Gillian Bennett, an 85 year old, made the decision of ending her life. He also talked about how an estimated $50,000 - $75,000 per year is spent on treatment to keep people alive, and he argues that keeping people alive would be a waste of health-care workers' time.

In 2014, Belgium legalised for children to choose whether or not they want to be euthanised if they are experiencing a near-death situation. The child would be the only one who could decide if they wanted to be euthanised, although strict rules would require them to be critically ill. They must also meet with a physician to agree on whether they should be treated with euthanasia or not. 

Personally, I think that every person, from the age 12 and up, should have the final say in their death. Although, I think that before they make any decisions, they must talk to their partners/guardians as well as a physician. If their reason for death is not reasonable, I think that the parents/guardians should have the final say because they might have a better solution to the persons problem.

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