Daily Entry 3

I am a little late on the daily entries. I know lol.
I have been thinking about content.
I saw this IG reel :


And it really got me thinking.
I want content that I produce and consume to be of high quality value. Not content that is just put out.
I think that idea of content creation and consistency being the name of the game instead of quality has really been pushed on me.
I have multiple account where I produce content and I have been just thinking about/producing low quality content but consistent.

So I want to improve the quality of my content, that involves using storyboards to plan them out and then produce them and planning transitions and I find that the ideas then are so much better. The hard part comes when I am trying to find clips that fit my idea or I can't produce the idea that I have in my head.

I have also thought about doing weekly thinking on my account where I think about a topic that cross my mind in the past week and discuss them a bit more.

I am a student so I want to go back to study and focusing on what I did last year starting September aka next monday. I was supposed to start on the 1st but I got lazy hahah.
I also really need to plan my time better.

Today was also National Cinema Day and I went to the cinema, it was really God who woke me up at 6:30 (cause I have been struggling) and I even got out of bed and spent less "wasteful" time on my phone.

I managed to book the tickets in the morning at 6 when I was struggling so much cause the site was crashing and everyone was trying to book them =.

I also watched some economic video and it was ironic that they mentioned that cinema and going shopping is serving as a distraction for the poor people to numb themselves and so we don't realise it is the rich who have gained a ridiculous amount of money and if we want to improve our living standards we need to unite and fight back.

I am not going to get too deep into this lol.

See you next time xx


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