Something Like A Storm Chapter 2

I don't know how it happened. It seemed like my mind blocked it. It wouldn't be the first time. My parents went ballistic at the event (not unreasonably), forcing me to move schools. I didn't know: how, or where I was going somehow, she came with me. Since that day, we haven't been the closest of friends however growing isolation seems to force us together. The school was shut down, marking an end to the triggers. Most people went to a school 5 mile away. There was still a hundred going to this new school yet, it felt like only I was going. At least there were no uniforms.

Lesson passed quickly, and then I only had physics until lunch. The low lighting in this school seems to emphasise the direct rays of light that shone through. I reached out, my mind intrigued by the light, my hand over weaving between the rays. The professor seems to ramble on but the words that were flying towards me printed themselves onto my notebook. As he begins to recap what I knew, I turned, glancing around. The classroom held unfamiliar faces; I seemed like everyone else from my school wasn't here. I glanced at the different faces. I noticed that this school was apparently more diverse however, they were stereotypical groups. There was no real diversity. I looked at the seating of these groups and found myself in the isolation of them all, weirdly enough.

Lunchtime came quickly and I scrambled out of my seat to find my friends. Entering the canteen, I made eye contact, expressing my arrival. Most of them were already there, I had been left with the last seat. As the darkly illuminated rooms for our subject, me and Freia talked about how the lights seem to reflect the tense atmosphere between the two schools. True diversity was the main one. Pointing across the room, Freia showed me the group that was strolling closer towards our table, causing us to cease our conversations.

"Excuse me but, you guys are sitting at our table" The guy leading the group announced as they arrived at the table. He seemed to defy the homogeneous groups.

"We sat here first. Can't you guys go find another table?" I quickly tried to dismiss them pacifically.

Whispering seemed to germinate in their group. I could hear some words. "Rude!"

"Can't they see they don't belong here?"

Putting down my fork with a cling, I invested my full attention towards the increasingly hostile situation. They invade our school, our lives, our. Stop! Invading echoed in my head, trying to metamorphose.

"Can you just move please?" Words seemed to be hissed out his mouth as his fist clench.

"I am sorry but first come first served," I responded forcing the words without the venom. Redirecting my mind as I contemplated and noticed his expression was off. I couldn't believe that he was irritated at us.

A girl seemed to grab his arm.

"Come on Christian let's go." She pulled and he reluctantly removed himself, keeping eye contact with me.

I broke eye contact avoiding the tension. I looked back at Freia and smiled trying to focus back on the food.

As I gave them one last look, I noticed how the dynamic in the group seemed to be constrained by him. His eyes never lit up with laughter. The focal point in the group was him, he seemed to be the leader. His fakeness was obvious to me.

“Are you ok?” Freia analysed my features.

“Yeah, how were your classes?” The group seems to simmer down again.

I placed my phone on the bed along with my bag laying down staring at the blank ceiling that seemed to narrow inwards like a spiral.

My phone chimed with a notification.

"Hey, do you want to facetime later today? We could do something?"

"Sorry but I am busy"

The lie felt weird coming out of my mouth to Freia. I don’t know why my brain wouldn’t socialise today. The indirect unknown hatred towards me.

It is consuming me.

Why did he hate me? What did I do to him? Why would they criticise people they don’t know?

I am gonna wash away. I sang along with the song wishing that my insecurities would also wash away.

I shouldn’t let this get to me. Why am I being so stupid? The tears fell down my face. Why am I crying? I am too emotional. Come on, don’t be a baby. Don’t be weak.

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