A Fork in The Road¿

I'm taking a break from my usual content to make a public service announcement. More Devil's Dictionary to come, don't worry!

Welcome to Reality™ version [we-stopped-counting]. You may have noticed a slight disturbance at 2022:01:18 23:59:59 UTC. This was not glitch. At that moment Reality™ was forked for the #### time. You are still in the original version. We took this opportunity to apply the following changes:

  • The difficulty index has been increased by 15%.
  • We have entered the 2nd phase of Mania Testing and the Madness Generator is now running at 2/3 capacity.
  • Fixed the bug that was causing llamas to spontaneously juggle when nobody was watching.
  • Colour blind individuals now see green as red instead of red as green.

Thank you for choosing to stay with Reality™.

Have fun and remember: DON'T PANIC!

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