Thoughts on Arch

So I have been using Arch Linux in the form of Archlabs Linux on and of for some time. I have also played with Antegros, Endevour and Manjaro. I tend to linger with Archlabs though. And when on Arch I use i3 as my window manager.

I tend to find Arch with a minimalist WM/DE to remind me of days of yore when I was compiling my own kernel on Slackware and running WindowMaker as my DE. It just seems more tinkery, if thats a word. Low and behold I like to tinker. I like changing themes, modifying config files to tweak appearance and functionality, or just breaking things sometimes and figuring out how to fix them again.

Arch seems to give me the most freedom in all of this. And the Arch Wiki is like having the Encyclopedia Britannica of Linux at your finger tips.

If you have never tried an Arch environment, I do recommend it. I'm not saying do the full Arch install in the masochistic sense. Grab an Arch based distro and give it a go. Again I am partial to Archlabs Linux. Cli installers make me feel


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