Analysis of Sound in Film

01.31.11 - 1.34.09
Incredibly clear voice over; almost silence otherwise
This goes on for a little before slowly muffling and merging with a quiet song
Suddenly the only thing you can hear is the song very loudly and intensely
The music gargles multiple times
The purpose of this scene is to show the moment Joe begins to lose himself to insanity. The timbre of the voice over makes it feel like a documentary, and this is the intro to watching a moment in the life of a wounded animal. When we reach the portion where his thoughts become muffled along with the music in an asynchronous jumble act as a calm before the storm of loud music. The intensity of the music and the incoherence of it help imply an insanity and brokenness as the scene goes on. While the music is diegetic, it receives many modifiers and changes as the scene goes on with fading and reversing. The chaotic sounds of this scene are grounded by the synchronous sounds of him shuffling and grabbing the dirt and gravel around him. The only thing keeping the audience from feeling the exact same as him in this scene is their minds and the voice over, non-diegetically talking about how he felt during this moment and his distaste for the song he was falling apart to.

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