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Approaching the theme park, it is clear the place had not been cared for in quite some time. It was a ghost of its former self. What was once a family park filled with fun and festivities was now abandoned. Its once shining centerpiece, the bright, Christmas colored carousel, now dilapidated and decaying. Its decorations like a Christmas tree, were left to hang, displaying its likely lengthy history. Once beaming plaques like family memories now faded and illegible, dust covered mirrors that had not seen smiling faces for some time, streamers like tinsel, now draped off the side dejectedly. And like the star on the tree, the ever important horses of the carousel were no where to be seen, likely repurposed, the only decoration the family felt not worth paying for again. The colors of the structure are muted now, a paleness only bested by the murky sky. The whole attraction is slightly askew as well, like an asteroid had tilted the rings of Saturn. With the sorry state of the once joyful ride, and the disappearance of its star, one wonders if something had happened to this place to leave it such a way, or if time had simply passed, and delinquents or weather have reduced it over time to what splinters of their bright tree remains. Whatever was true, it matters not to the carousel now.

  • good figurative language and metaphors
  • cohesive
  • little movement, not required but works well

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