Hello A,

Hope you're well. I just wondered if there was any other way people could submit videos for your testimonial series on YT? I've been following it since it began and while many have been heart-breaking to watch, it gives me great hope to see so many speaking up.

I would go so far as to say they are as important as other historical documents, such as a certain teenager's diary from the 1940s. I'm confident that beautiful soul never realised, on any conscious level, the importance of what she was committing to paper for posterity's sake.

At the height of the recent pandemic, I made a decision to delete all social media, including WhatsApp and my YT account, though I still follow yours and other channels anonymously. For many years, I had been aware of the deleterious effect such platforms were having on society and my own personal life, and chose to withdraw my participation in them.

It hasn't been easy, as to all intents and purposes you cease to exist to many, even close family and friends, but I persisted and I can attest that my life became immeasurably improved as a result. It still, however, causes me a great deal of anguish to see entire generations of young people who don't know a life without it.

Mine was the last generation, certainly in the western world, to enjoy that benefit, regrettably. I am aware it's a bit of a double edged sword as this is how we have all been trained to communicate these days, and I am slowly watching some positive changes unfold on channels such as yours as people awaken from their slumber.

Neither do I watch television and have not had a licence to do so for many years. I started to notice some anomalies in the real world and curiosity got the better of me recently. I was appalled at the standard of "journalism" I witnessed. I can only assume things have gotten much, much, worse since the last time I paid any attention to it and that those who watch it every day have perhaps just gotten used to it.

I have come to the conclusion that social media can have as positive or as negative impact as the individual allows it to have. Critical thought and discernment appear to be the magical ingredients - skills sadly not fostered in our educational systems for some time. Hundreds of years ago, it would have taken many years for panic to spread the globe as it has done recently, and people on the other side of the world would have continued about their business, blissfully unaware.

In the same vein, we would all of us currently be at the absolute mercy of our governments and the media they permit without the benefit of alternative platforms. It's rather difficult to meet in person and exchange ideas when your government have sanctioned police involvement in any "unnecessary" travel, particularly when a virus is seemingly intelligent enough to discern between those protesting against their government or some other cause.

It evidently knows the difference between a supermarket and a park bench, too. If only such intelligence could be bottled. Perhaps we could formulate some kind of vaccine from it.

If there is no way to share a video with you by other means, I just wanted you to know how very proud I am of you and everyone who has contributed to your channel, as well as the many other seekers of truth who have defied censorship online and continue to do so. You may not realise it, but you are working on behalf of the whole of humanity at this point.

I have seen criticism levied at you and others like you and I have held my breath every time you express your frustration and threaten to stop creating content. I would urge you never to do so for the reasons stated above. Deep down, in your moments of solitude, I believe you are cognisant of the importance of the work you are doing.

We are all on a very steep learning curve in terms of adjusting to and addressing the way the world is currently. It has been this way for a very long time but we are finally taking the steps necessary to facilitate those long awaited changes.

We have begun to realise that waiting around for someone else to take responsibility is what has lead us to where we currently are, which is simply untennable. There is a school of thought that posits that this is why we came or our true quest, in case you yourself ever wondered. I know I have.

With every day that passes, it is becoming increasingly obvious to many just who is responsible for current world events, as well as their possible motivations. Some have been aware for some time and are elated that others are finally beginning to see for themselves. These are the kind of truths that one must witness first-hand in order to be believed.

Your platform is providing a voice to those who would otherwise be silenced. A cursory glance at our recent history - should anyone need reminding - will tell you what happens when people are silenced and others stand by and say nothing. Please, don't feel like you're fighting a losing battle because you most assuredly are not. Neither are you ever on your own, as evidenced by your many subscribers and contributers. Never, ever stop.

All my love,


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