Mahavakyas of Kalki

I. I am The Supreme Light; The Supreme Word; The Supreme Friend; The Supreme Knowledge; The Supreme Intelligence; The Supreme Source and The Supremely Sacred.

II. If only you would seek ME with your whole heart; then I shall manifest inside you, in the form I choose, or the form you desire; OR, I shall appear to you outside, again in the form I choose or the form you desire-for every form is MY FORM and I AM your Supreme Friend. 

III. I shall reveal unto you, now and here, all that I have ever revealed, to every prophet, saint and sage and to every people of all times.

IV. In this, MY Present Coming, I fulfill all the promises, and prophecies, vouchsafed to every people, in all the scriptures and in all the ages.

V. Worship ME ALONE, for I alone exist. In any form or way you choose, or I choose for you; But worship only one form at a time.

VI. Remember, I do not judge you, nor do I punish you. You judge yourself as you choose to judge and you are here, as you have chosen to be here. For MY part, I keep the word.

VII. You suffer, because you no longer relate to ME. I am ready to relate to you, in whatever way, you choose to relate to ME.

VIII. If only you shall relate to ME and feel helpless in your suffering and seek MY help, I will liberate you now and here.

IX. Everyway is alright with ME, as long as it comes naturally to you.

X. Remember, anything binding is not MY Dharma.

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