Sri Bhagavan on listening and relationship

🔸Q.) Bhagavan, why do we listen to some people and not to others? These things happen especially with our parents and close people. Close ones tell us things and we ignore them. Same things when told by others, we listen to them. These things are hurting others. How to deal with them?

🔸SRI BHAGAVAN: "See, in a close relationship you generally take that relationship for granted. It is so close to you, you feel " it belongs to me, its mine". So you take that relationship for granted naturally. So, whenever your parents say something, you feel as if they are trying to dominate you or they are trying to control you. That is the way you perceive it. If your relationships with your parents and your close ones is friendship, then this issue will not be there.

The framework of friendship is not there in relationships. you are putting into framework your spouse, your parents or brother or somebody known. Where all this kind of framework comes out, you feel they are dominating you.

But if your relationships with your brother or spouse or parents is friendship then, this problem will not be there. So first, you must have this framework of friendship. That will solve this problem. if its your friend, you will listen to them. That's why you should have friendship in your Relationships."

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