On writing everyday

Writing can be a great stress buster.
That's nice but one often makes the mistake of writing only about that which troubles oneself.
While this may work fantastically for some, it hasn't always worked for me. I find myself getting even more frustrated when I force myself to think about thoughts that depress me. When angry, the last thing I want to do is think about things that further anger me.

Contrastingly, writing about random stuff has worked beautifully for me. I even get around to thinking about the things that initially worried me and sometimes end up sorting them out. Like having the stress from your mind flow out through your finger tips! (keyboards with a travel of more than 1.7m greatly help)

There is also this thing of fostering creativity by way of running out of creative ideas. The more you write, the more you feel that you don't have anything else to write about but you somehow end up writing more. You start to scour and scratch your brain for more and that's when genius steps into the light.

Also, the idea isn't to win the Noble prize for litrature (I'm not sure they have one). You WILL make mistakes, You WILL sound funny. And there will be a platora of typos. And that's alright.
As time passes and as you keep at it, you will see your writing evolve , contort and become more of an extension of you.
As long as your write, just write.

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