Decision fatigue

Making decisions tires you. It's a real thing.
Hence many choose to minimize decisions and just rather go with the flow. You may have an infinite amount of general energy but you surely have a finite amount of 'decision energy' Every decision you make depletes it a little more.
Therefore it is common to go the way of satisficing in that you satisfy yourself by buying the first item on the shelf that suffices your need.

It is also perhaps the reason why Albert Einstein had 6 identical suits or why almost every photo of Steve jobs you have seen, he is dressed in a black turtle neck and blue jeans.

No wonder I so often find myself buying things I do not need yet feel would be helpful someday. Perhaps I am satisficing a future want.
Either way, I think it is worth noting and being aware of this part of ourselves and perhaps even try to rise above it.

I guess it is high time I started satisficing the right way.

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