Finding work as a fresher

No picture sums up the predicament of a fresher better than this

I've read so many articles and guides that go into the nitty-gritty of designing a résumé and preparing for mock interviews - which clothes to wear and what not. While completely forgetting the core of what will actually get you the job - credibility.

Work experience is doing the same job for 10 years
Credibility is the trust one has that you'll find a path no matter what task is thrown your way.
The latter is what the HR (and people in general) are truly looking for. It is also the reason why your Boss (may)earn(s) multiples of what you do.

You can do the same job for 10 years and still not be equipped to cope with the enhanced responsibilities of a new job role. On the other hand, if you're credible, people believe that you'll get the job done no matter what.

When people ask for work-ex they really don't care if you sit in office for extra hours or made a hundred cold calls. They are really just looking for credibility. They wanna be assured that after hiring you, they aren't doing you job.

The answer then should be in not looking for work per-se but rather gaining credibility.

The answer is in doing great work for the greatest but for free. Not forever but just a limited term.
Why free you ask? well, as of this moment, you have no standing in the market and you need to make an offer they cannot refuse.

Let's step into the minds of your prospective employer.
When it comes to pricing, nothing really beats free. If you are indeed given the job, your employer really has nothing much to lose.
on the contrary, if you do perform, he/she has quite a bit to gain. A gamble that costs nothing but has a 50/50 chance of a win is a more than decent deal.
That's why free.

Now lets come to the publicity and distribution part.
The thing about great people is that they talk, they share and they in general want to see people grow.
If your work was indeed truly great, you will have already earned the trust and good will of these people.
If that's true, they are bound to talk about you the next time someone asks them for a recommendation.
THAT, is your chance to cash in.

Do great work, do it for great people, do it for free and get them to talk about it.

Thanks to Kushal for inspiring me on this topic and to Ankita for proof reading the text.
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