Angel by her name
Angel by her grace
Dishonesty and games
Put a grimace on his face

Religious myth was strong
So she accepted dogma
She never faced the threat
Of those in moral armour

She got to see a side
Of this very twisted faith
Without the painful lies
And diatribes of hate

She got to meet a man
In search of integration
When he presented love
She called it fornication

He wanted her to see
With loving clarity
He wanted her to feel
How life could truly be

People called him King
But nothing but a shell
Deep inside he's empty
Cuz loneliness is hell

He wanted it authentic
He thought he really meant it
But under judging eyes
He went and compromised

He started saying less
Forgot about his quest
They didn't stop to rest
Insomnia and stress

A lesson so painful
He really wondered why
The devil would emerge
As an angel from the sky

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