My Soul Is Only Here On Lease

My flame burns brighter
I've always been a fighter
But I've been burning out
And everything feels tighter

I gave it all I had
And none of this was planned
It used to make me sad
But now I understand

You like the man you see
But you don't see like me
My visions come in fragments
I dream outside of sleep

I suffer all alone
Pretend that I'm okay
While searching for a home
Where I can share my day

I know this has to end
I know I must ascend
I have to help myself
To better help a friend

So now I've set an aim
Resurface from this pain
To live my life with courage
And free from guilt and shame

For Love and Hope will never cease
My soul is only here on lease
I hope you find the truth as well
So we can all exist in peace

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