This Time It Was New For Me

In my vulnerability
I couldn't bear dishonesty
Deception is so harsh a word
Avoidance loops are so absurd

With rushed and blurry third eye vision
I questioned all your indecision
We burned our fire all through the night
We never gave ourselves permission

There's only so much we can take
And now I hate my own mistakes
We must have mercy on our souls
Before we prematurely break

But break we did and it was dark
It tore a hole inside my heart
I've had it much worse in the past
When times were bad, they'd always last

But this time it was new for me
Safety brought us clarity
You stuck around just long enough
And truly showed me empathy

It's not a checkpoint in a game
Our deepest fears laid out so plain
We'll take it day by day this time
And earn our freedom from this pain

For now, the leaves are turning over
Spring is coming, so is closure
Pay attention to the signs
And blessings from the great composer

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