In Our Nature


There aren't many things in the world as peaceful and harmonious as nature. Trees, lakes, flowers, and everything else is incredibly beautiful and calming. Study after study confirms the immensely positive psychological effect of nature.

Everyone benefits from exposure to nature, no exceptions. Even those of us with allergies (Hi!). Nature gives one the feeling of peace, wholeness, stillness, and harmony.

Yet we, as the entire human race, have not embraced nature. We used it, exploited it, destroyed it without daring to stop and think about it. We built cities, roads, homes, just for convenience and 'higher living standards', whatever that actually means.

I think that some of us can see this. We live in cities, but travel out into the mountains whenever possible. It's like we aren't enjoying what we've worked so hard to achieve.

Maybe you're one of us. Maybe you take every opportunity to go hitchhiking. Maybe you prefer horseback riding over traffic. I'll tell you one thing then; you are perfectly right.

The city with all of the hustle and bustle is energizing. It's sexy, so to say. It makes you feel pumped, elevated, extraordinary. Yet I've never personally met a person that lives and peace with the universe and lives inside of a city. Maybe I'll find one someday?

It is in our nature to be around nature. It's a fundamental part of living gracefully. You just can't deny that.

What I'd like someone reading this to consider, is whether or not they feel at peace right now. Free of anxiety, and free of selfishness. If you don't feel like that, my prescription for you is a trip to the woods, where no one goes.

Thank me later.

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