Everlasting Creativity


How to be always creative? How do great writers, artists, thinkers create something every day?

While I definitely do not consider myself a great writer nor a great thinker, I have been writing every single day for the past 338 days. Of course, most of what I've written wasn't particularly grounbreaking or beatiful. I'm not a professional writer (but who knows - maybe I'll become one), nor is English my native language.

Creativity is not something we can just "get". It's a muscle that needs to be streched regurarly. You can't be creative, if you don't practice creativity.

For me, that practice comes in the form of noting. Noting is the idea of collecting every single thought, every single notion that appears in your mind. Through that, you're able to expand on every single idea more dilligently. Having everything written down and being able to expand on your ideas outside of your own mind is, truly, a superpower.

Saying things out loud is really powerful, too. It let's you "verify" your ideas. If something you're creating is utterly terrible, it'll probably sound so when said out loud. Good ideas need to be communicated verbally, period.

To summarize; don't keep ideas just in your own head. They deserve something better.

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