With Clarity


Whenever I think, write, speak and listen, I always mean to do so with clarity.

For me, mental & physical clarity is necessary for mindful creation. Simply put; if you can't get to the bottom of a thought in your own mind, you won't be able to so on paper. So, it's key to keep your mind clear, however and whenever possible.

For me, that means having less. Less tasks, less calls, less clutter. That's what I strive for.

But how can one achieve and maintain clarity when they have to be all over the place? When their job requires 100% responsiveness? When their family of 6 always needs attention? How do you pull something like that off?

For me, boundaries are the answer. One just needs to create rigid limits of his responsibility. When to answer someone's request, when to help your kid etc.

It's often tough to introduce a total Separation of Tasks - not only with others, but also within yourself. When should you switch from the Helper You to the Doer You? Well, that's up to you and only you.

But when you manage to do it, your life will be clearer than ever before.

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