Reasonable Doubt


Who killed truth?

I feel like now more than ever truth is something we have to fight for. Misinformation, fake news, conspiracy theories, or however you want to call them, are spreading like crazy throughout our society. Things that would have been immediately discarded as falsehoods a hundred years ago are now considered by some as truth. 5G causes coronavirus? You bet.

We're dealing with more information than we've ever dealt with before. Every single second we're sending the amount of data as big as what would've been transferred in a whole year a few hundred years ago. Information is more permanent than ever, yet it feels like it's more ephemeral too. Because there's so much of it, it's incredibly easy to loose track of the valuable.

Somewhere along the way we lost truth. We lost it's meaning, lost it's cause. And I'm not trying to say that a hundred years ago we knew what was right. No, we didn't. We knew much less about how to do good, how to care about each other, our planet, and how to improve every single year. I think, we are a better humanity now.

Truth is hardly ever absolute. It usually lingers somewhere in the "reasonable doubt" grey space. Only in a handful of matters do we know the absolute truth, we should cherish those exceptions whenever possible. In everything that relates to us, truth can be never reached as a destination. There's always another angle to the story.

I feel like with the amplification of quantity we've made it harder for many to understand quality. We're not made to deal with so much all at once. It makes us sweat mentally, and so we're tired. And when we're tired we choose the easiest option. Which is almost never truth.

To bring back truth, let the flies die.

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