We The People


We don't care about nature. Let's be honest. If we did, we wouldn't use so much plastic, wouldn't drive so much, consume so much, exploit everything around us so much. We just don't give a sh*t about it. We never truly did.

I lived in the city for most of my life. Surrounded with big apartment buildings from one side, and wide, three lane roads from another, nature as a concept seemed very distant to me. All I had was the park, a sea of thinly cut grass of the same type. Even still, I had to walk for 10 minutes to reach it. The concept of playing outside was never very appealing, although now I think that at that time I didn't even know how to play outside. It was just something I never did. Because it was hardly possible.

A few years ago we moved to the outskirts of the city. Technically, this is the countryside, but I wouldn't call it that. There are still plenty of houses near us, and the city bus has a stop nearby.

During these past few years I started to "open up" to nature. I started enjoying walks, gardening, even taking my desk outside and working there. Or just plain laying down on the grass and pondering. All of these things seem so precious, so unique. That I'm starting to care more about the environment.

I feel like our defaults have become so incredibly ignorant, so pretentious, that breaking out from them will take a long time. At least I want so start caring. At least thinking about nature as something we can loose.

We are not just the people. We are the world.

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