Only If You Truly Care


Building a strong, coherent team is never an easy task. I've written about this topic many times before, but I feel like every day I'm learning something new about it.

There is a certain beauty to working together. While I deeply enjoy individual, focused, isolated work, at times team work just bests individual work. Oh, how much do I miss sitting around a table with others brainstorming on a project...

But now, more than ever, I'm starting on this maybe controversial opinion: work with me only if you truly care.

I'm starting to get tired of people that are half-in. And it's not like I blame them, they surely have other important things to do. Yet I'm mad at the fact that they just can't say no. I don't care if they hurt my feelings or something. This approach is damaging and simply lame.

Decide on what you care about. Because if not, you're going to piss off everybody around you.

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