A Stroke Of Insight


When an idea strikes, we usually feel energized and empowered to work on it. And that's beautiful. Ideas are beautiful, no matter how polished or unpolished they are.

I adore that feeling of reaching the stroke of insight. After months and months of deliberating, finally seeing things clearly, exactly the way they should be. Creativity and inspiration hit like a tsunami wave.

And it is, truly, like a stroke (not that I know from personal experience). You feel a rush at first, but soon after a sense of incredible calm and fulfillment sets in. You feel like you're right, and you know that you are.

I just experienced such a moment. Literally an hour ago. I feel like it's been building up inside of me during the past few months, but I couldn't notice it. It was too small, not extraordinary enough to be noticed in the midst of everyday. But after all this time, all this confusion, it finally reached The Breaking Point, and surfaced to my conscious mind.

That point cannot be achieved through doing truly nothing at all. It requires constant movement & infinite deliberation. Conscious or not.

Looks like I've found the next thing. We'll see how it works out in a year or so.

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