The Morning Breeze


I adore mornings. There's a certain magic to waking up right before sunrise and enjoying the view with a cup of tea.

Mornings are the most joyful, productive & creative periods of the day. I usually write this blog at 6am. I may not post it until the afternoon, because I like to give myself a bit of time to rethink what I've written a particular day. Sometimes I post right away. Morning walks are my favorite, too. I have the privilege of living around nature, and so there's literally no one on the forest track other than birds, foxes and the ever-growing flock of roe-deer.

I'm wondering why that is? Why are mornings so much better for me?

The answer, for me, is clear: mornings are like a clean slate. There's no "residue" from the day. There are no strong, negative emotions. There isn't a single gram of tiredness. Everything is fresh, clean, and leaves a lot of space to make & do.

Hope you'll enjoy your Matcha tomorrow at 5 am.

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