A Sudden Suspense


The world is in a state of "suspense" right now. We have either completely ceased or massively scaled down a lot of our endeavors as the human race. We probably won't come back to the way things were before. At least not in the next 12 months, for sure.

As the title inclines, the suspense was sudden at first. Very few people were fully ready for it. It was a sudden, unexpected, tension-building suspense. And some of us still seem to be surprised by it.

I feel like most of us are imagining this suspense the same way it usually happens in more dramatic classical music pieces. That all of this is just a break, a quiet moment which precedes a dramatic peak. We think that once the conductor waves his wand again, the orchestra will resume with full force.

But this way, we're building up expectations for something that most certainly won't happen. Or at least it shouldn't happen. For the sake of both our physical health, and mental health.

Tell me: don't you feel like you need a break sometimes? Then stop waiting for the orchestra to resume, because this might be the longest break of our lives. Let's not waste it.

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