Break Out


I feel like in life there are two quite clearly defined "states" in which we exist.

The first state is the state of accelerated improvement, where with every single action that we take, with every decision we make, we become better people. Because we know what we want, how we want it, and how it benefits us and others. And while there are many, many challenges along the way, we persevere in our life mission. It's the state of conscious existence. Of intentional growth, whenever and however possible. Also, energy in this state compounds: the things that we do have an effect on our future selves. Our decisions makes us wiser, calmer, more deliberate, more focused.

The other state is the exact opposite. Where actions, no matter how big or small, don't push us to do more. It's a mix of meaningless lethargy, of unconscious drifting through the sea of life, and always turning back to the defaults, not being bold enough to change things up.

I see people all around me suffering from living in the second state. I myself am sometimes feeling like this unnerving void of nothingness is slowly consuming my being. I have to actively, maybe even desperately, fight to get out. To break out from the hands of never-ending gray misery.

It just makes me sad. That every single one of us can do truly great things. Yes, some have it harder, some have it easier, but still, in the end everyone can make an impact. No matter in what aspect, what field, or who might it benefit. So many of us give up. It's like we didn't actually want to live, just prefer to drift away.

That's why we have to do truly good things. Because every single good action we take creates more good in the world. A simple gift, a few encouraging words, help, when needed, or heck, just a genuine smile can shine a bit of light in somebody's life. Maybe it won't be enough to get them into the state of accelerated improvement. But it will be a first step.

Maybe, someday, that bit of good that you sent out to another person will come back to you. Maybe it will jump around a bunch of people spurring more and more good along the way. And one particular rainy, miserable day, it will come back and help you break out.

Go on, smile.

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