Life is hard. Especially when we're juggling many things at once - balance is hard to achieve.

386 days into writing this blog and I'm still looking for it - what a chore!

Our brain is not a machine. It's more of an elusive, sometimes oblivious to facts, easily distracted, impulsive mess. We can't see things always how they are, we can't sort incoming information into carefully created boxes. It's all a never-ending mess. Everything is tangled together like different yarns put together haphazardly into an old shoe box.

As time passes, this tangled mess of thoughts, emotions, memories & hopes gets only bigger. Stuff piles on. More stuff results in more complication.

The only way of keeping balance is once every now and then going through the process of untangling. Of decomposing piece by piece everything currently occupying our brain actively. Methodically, thought after thought, memory after memory, we go through the entire mess trying to find leads. Leads in this sense are all of the concepts worth exploring further. The memories we should cherish, the hopes we should be working towards realizing, the thoughts that deserve more attention, and the emotions we should be filling our lives with. Everything else deserves to be either carefully archived away, or completely discarded.

Clarity is not something we can achieve once and enjoy forever. It's a trait that needs to be constantly worked on, just like good health and balance itself.

Go on, untangle.

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