I Needed Some Sun


Life has been good for me during quarantine, I can't complain. There are many, many others that had and continue having it worse. A lot of things surely have been unusual, but overall I managed to get through pretty well.

The past week was horrible. Mentally, physically, emotionally. I was so drained out that focusing on anything was almost impossible. Yet I was trying to push through: going to all my meetings, trying to complete my daily tasks, keeping up with routines, etc.

This week I decided that "pushing through" does not make sense. I needed a break. And so, since Monday, I've been taking an official "sabbatical".

The first three days weren't that great. Maybe it was due to how incredibly much I was burned out, or maybe due to some outside events. I don't know. I was feeling pretty miserable and couldn't set my mind & body straight.

Today was different. While maybe it still wasn't what I'd call "a day well spent", it was much better. Just now I was trying to figure out what was the reason for this - maybe something I did? Something I said? Something someone else did? The answer is much, much simpler: it was the weather. Today was the first sunny day (with some afternoon storms) after a longer period of 4,5 very cloudy days. It's June for God's sake!

Again and again I'm noticing that no matter how hard you want something to happen, sometimes some little "nudge" needs to happen first. A tiny earthquake which sets out a massive tsunami.

We're very powerful beings: we can change. Unfortunately, not always that changes can come from within us; sometimes some assistance might be needed.

Please, be careful; don't obscure your vision, you're going to miss the sun when it's out.

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